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How to keep your Old PC running Smooth? [ PC Tips ]

Defragment Hard Drives

Owning an old PC, takes a lot, as far as the maintenance part is concerned, you need to take good care of it. Here I am trying to offer few tips to maintain your old PC and Make It  Fast. Defragment your Hard Drives Regularly Fragments are small chunks of free memory, spread all over the hard-drive, Defragmenting the drive, ...

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Read Lyrics while listening to songs with Lyrics Plugin

Lyrics Plugin, is an excellent add-on, crafted for music lovers. Its possible that now you can read the lyrics of the track being played by you in Winamp or Windows Media Player and iTunes, This can come very handy in case the songs you listen has complex words or something pronounced very differently ( ROCK SONGS )!!!! How the Plugin ...

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How to Create Simple yet Secure Password

Password Chart

Password chart, is a very secure way, for creating passwords. Picking and remembering strong passwords has always been a baffling job. Password Chart is an awesome service, through which you can create very strong passwords for e-mail, messenger, or any other login.As soon as you connect to Password Chart , you get to see a web page as shown here. ...

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How to use free download manager to get more out of it

Probably the most powerful full featured yet free , The Free Download Manager , software which allows you to manage your download, organize, schedule , speed-up Internet file downloads and even make it faster when optimized. It supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Many of us are using in out day to day life but do we actually ...

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How to create Free Screensavers and Slide Shows using your own Images and sound

How about having your own images embedded with your favorite sound track, as your screensaver, sounds good isn’t it?? Yep, you can have this, and that too quite easily.Screensavers and Slide shows can be created with your images, using FotoAngelo, FotoAngelo is an application by ACD Systems.which allows you to add sound, text and transition effects. Simple tools like the ...

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