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Free Android app to hide pictures and videos

Free Android app to Hide pictures and videos from your gallery

Friends and colleagues playing around with your phone is a very common scenario, and in this process it often happens that people end up getting an access to your personal photos or videos, here is a free Android app to help you out. ‘Vaulty Free Hides Pictures’ is the free Android app which can hide your photos in the password ...

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AVG LiveKive Review : Why you will like to use it

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive

A new service, named as LiveKive have been launched recently by the Popular Antivirus Company AVG. If we talk about such services, we do have several options available with us, but what makes LiveKive unique, is the automatic Backup feature. Simply create an account  later download the desktop client, now you can manage all your Backup, Sync, and Sharing operations ...

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Free download a pack of Mixed Wallpapers [80+ Wallpapers]

Free download a pack of Mixed Wallpapers [80+ Wallpapers] heart in sky

Here is a pack of amazing wallpapers which has 80+ Wallpapers available for free downloading, this pack doesn’t have wallpapers for some specific category, and it is a mixed set, you will find wallpapers of animals, scenic, abstract, flowers, etc. Remember you can only use it for personal usage and not for commercial. In case you do, check the owner ...

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Flip your Facebook homepage upside down

Flip your Facebook homepage upside down 1

Facebook is the online home for most of the internet users these days. If you too are there on Facebook, here is a something to have fun with your account. Have a look at the snapshot below – Though this can’t be called as turning your Facebook homepage upside down, but yeah, this is quite closer to it. This can ...

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Windows 8 to have built-in PDF Reader

Minimalistic design and Appx based Built-in PDF reader coming with Windows 7

We have been hearing about news related to upcoming Windows 8. Here is the news – Windows 8 will have a Built-in PDF Reader, named as Modern Reader, this is great news for sure. Having a PDF Reader of its own is probably a feature every Windows user has been dreaming for long. Paul Thurrott revealed this in his post ...

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Free download a pack of 50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

Free Download50 Amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers Venice

Here is a pack of Cityscapes Wallpapers, as it says; this pack has an awesome collection of Cityscapes, the pack is a mixture of photography, paintings, and couple of digital art as well. It showcases almost all the popular cities across the world. Have a look at some of them – Liked them? Download the amazing Cityscapes Wallpapers

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Planning to install a Pirated Android App? Get ready for embarrassment

Fake Android app to embarrass Pirates sends an SMS telling every contact in your phone book about your attempt to steal

If you are an Android user, and prefer using Pirated versions of Paid apps, beware!! Here is something which can embarrass you much. There is this popular paid app known as Walk and Text, which is a convenient way of texting while you are walking, this app actually turns on your camera, so that you can walk easily without taking ...

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Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Cache files are created by almost any app running on almost all the platforms, right from your PC running a version Windows to the operating system of your mobile, to keep it simple, we can say that these files work as an intermediate resource. When you run an app on your device, it keeps saving some files in the storage ...

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How to enable a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

Wear a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

You would have seen people wearing badges on their Profile Pic on Twitter or Facebook; these badges are generally worn as a support to some cause or ongoing campaign. If you too want to wear a badge on your profile picture, here is an online service to do that. PicBadges is the service using which you can instantly enable or ...

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