Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls on Windows

Recording Skype Calls is really useful if you want to recall what your client said in case you have missed some points even when you took effort to note it down.  Now there are couple of software which can do it for you, one of which is Skype Call Recorder which works fine but today we have found a better software, Skype Auto Recorder ,  which can do this job for you.

Skype Call Recorder Settings

Features of Skype Auto Recorder

  • Its automatic which means you never forget to get the calls recorded and with filters set you dont have to worry getting your conversation with personal contacts getting recorded.
  • Portable : You can carry it in your USB device and turn it on whenever required just before starting skype. Just make sure you have configured to set to store the MP3 Recording file into your USB.
  • Comes with Filter Support if you don’t want to record conversation with some of the contacts.
  • Another Filter Support lets you configure the file name for each contact. Meaning if you have a client say Company X with Project Y you can have your file name stored with X and Y in the file name.
  • Increase Volume of the recording as it is done. This is useful when some of the clients or contact speak too low.

Skype Call Recorder

The only drawback which I see here is the bit rate which is 52KPBS which is low but you should not be bothered unless you want to use it somewhere else. If you want this for normal recall purpose this is good enough. Skype Call Recorder has one advantage here which lets me choose 128 KPBS recording resulting in high quality audio but then its not automatic nor portable.

Suggestion : What features can be added to the application :

  • Support for more audio quality options.
  • Option to define duration of the recording
  • Option to include a stop recording button if I want to abort recording. As of now it only stops when a call stops.

Download :

You can download the application for free from codeplex.


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