Video : Automate It makes your Android Smarter, Creates Condtion based Actions

Lets make Android even more smarter, Lets Automate it to do things you had always wished Android on your phone should have done for you. For example if you want to turn of your GPS connection when batter is below 30% or you wanted to start sync when connected to a network profile or call somebody right after a person called you.

Yes this all can done and it works flawlessly with Automate it App for Android which you can compare it with Task Scheduler for Windows allowing you to fire an even based on conditions or triggers.

Automation List

What You can do with Automateit : Examples

That said it has loads of things it can do which for obvious reasons cannot be demoed, not all of them but may be a one or two which will help you feel it.

Location Based Trigger :

So lets you reach home or office and you want to turn on your WiFi so you can save bandwidth on your 3G or Edge Plan. You can set your location using google map and then set your wifi to turn on as soon as you are around that area.
 Location based WIFILocation Settings for WIFI Automation

Also you can turn it off when you leave your office but you have to think from a different angle. For this you can choose a location which is bit off your office location i.e. the regular route you pick to go home and turn your wifi off using the same trick.

Alerts on Specific SMS :

Lets say you get loads of SMS and you want SMS for a particular text which has important term mentioed which can be your bank name or SMS from a particular SMS, then you can set the app to read a text automatically for you which could be like “SMS from BANK” or “SMS from XYZ person”

SMS Automation


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List of Triggers and Actions

  • Triggers : SMS, Bluetooth, Call based, Screen, WIFI, USB, Location, Airplane Mode,  Application Based, on Boot, Manual
  • Action : Notification, Call, Volume, Sound etc.

Advantages of Free / Pro Version

The App Comes into two version free and paid version which has its own advantages and targeted for pro users. For example if you want o run a task based on certain conditions together i.e.  What if you want to Call a person when you got called from either person A or Person B. With free version you will have to create two. In the Pro Version you can create

  • Composite Triggers, Composite Action,
  • How long a rule will be active i.e. for a certain period of time
  • Sensor Trigger which makes you make use of hardware feature like in case of too much brightness outside you want to drop your phones brightness or turn off the accelerometer.
  • Calendar Based triggers, Cell ID Trigger and so on.


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