Automatically save downloads in Firefox in different folders

When you download a file using Firefox, it will save everything in the Downloads folder. However that’s a dangerous place to save files, so if you are downloading documents now and then, it is best to organize them as you download. In this post, we will share an extension which can automatically save downloads in Firefox in different folders.

Automatically save downloads in Firefox in different folders

Once installed, the extension integrates a Save Source in item to the context menu. You will see it for links and media files. But before that, you need to configure rules so when you use the context menu; the files are automatically saved into different folders.

Firefox Save In extension

Based on the image or file name, it can dynamically create a folder and save it to them. It is useful when you are downloading similar images

Features of Save Source in Extension

  • Save into dynamically named directories.
  • Flexible rules-based download renaming and routing.
  • Option to save as shortcuts {.url, .desktop, .html redirect}.
  • The WebExtension API only allows saving into directories relative to the default download directory. Symlinks can be used to get around this limitation:Windows: mklink /D C:\path\to\symlink D:\path\to\actual
    macOS/Unix: ln -s /path/to/actual /path/to/symlink

    Make sure the actual directories exist, or downloads will silently fail.

To configure, type about:addons, and then open the extension. Here you can pre-configure download path based on your requirement. You can create menus and submenus. We strongly suggest making folders before saving the files.

While Firefox Download manager has a lot of features now compared to how it was in the beginning, extensions like this always make a difference, and help you better sort out your files.

Download from here


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