Automatically backup your site files with FTP Synchronize

Taking backup of your server files is very important and one only knows its importance when one’s server crashes and there is no way to recover it. Though its is recommended to ask your host to back up everything everyday for which you might have to spend a minimal fees like 5 to 10 $ for 10GB of backup. Today we found another software application which allows you to at least backup your files regularly into your local machine.

FTP Synchronize connects to your site using File Transfer Protocol which is same which you use for connecting your site for files upload generally and copies data from there  to a local folder as you configure it.

FTP Synchronize
FTP Synchronize

Features :

  • You can choose to delete files from local folder on your machine if the files has been deleted, moved or renamed on your server machine.
  • Can download for any new files from the server. This can be automated or can be triggered manually.
  • Can run in the background and display a report of changed files once synchronization is done.

The only drawback is there is no version support. So if a file is changed on server can be replaced from local server. So if that is not much if importance to you this is good enough to back up your files.

So solve this problem you can use either Sync Toy or Pure Sync which are powerful folder synchronization tools. These tool gives you an option to revert back the changes made. Run this to back up your folder where you are downloading files from your server using FTP Synchronize.

Resolve Conflict when file changes
Resolve Conflict when file changes


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