Automatically lock your unattended computer with Bluetooth Phone ( or device )

How many times you had walked out of your computer room talking on phone and got scared Oh Shit ! I forgot to lock my computer ? The same thing happens when you rush to a mall all of a sudden and leave your personal computer to be attended by somebody else.

These softwares are configured with a bluetooth device ( could be phone for an example ) and locks down your computer when it’s not in range.


The advantage of using this application is that is very simple easier interface than previous and you can launch a lock and unlock command also. However it does not automatically unlocks, instead you will be greeted with a login prompt box.

Bluetooth proximity lock

Bluetooth proximity lock

Blue Lock

This application has an advantage. It unlocks when the bluetooth device is in range without asking for re-entering password.

Auto Lock your computer with Bluetooth Device

Auto Lock your computer with Bluetooth Device

You can configure any of the available bluetooth device which it shows and set options for time out , return remembered, authenticated, connected or issue enquiry. You would get a complete log of all connection or dis connected events including if somebody changes your lock device.

Read More on @ BlueLock and details before you start using it.

These are perfect solutions for people who want to control their computer lock down without hassle of password. Remember you can lock your computer using WIN + L key but that’s manual and not automatic and you need to enter password for it. Here no password no alt + ctrl + del , just your bluetooth device.

However this is not good solution for places which have lot of rooms and the bluetooth connection gets disrupted because of walls. Like my blue tooth audio device gets disconnected as soon as I move to my kitchen or the other washroom.

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