Automatically Lock Your Unattended PC With Bluetooth

How much does your adrenaline rush when you realize you are away from your computer without locking it? Well, when you have important documents, personal files, or naughty kids around, it bothers you a lot. Locking our devices has become essential to our security, so how would it be to automatically lock your unattended PC with Bluetooth (phone or any other device)? If that sounds interesting, then it is possible with much complexity. So I will mention how it did it!

Automatically Lock Your Unattended PC With Bluetooth

Automatically Lock Your Unattended PC With Bluetooth

When you think of Bluetooth Devices automatically locking your computer, third-party utilities and costly software would pop into your mind. However, the feature is inbuilt in Windows PC. The condition is that it must be at least running Windows 10 and not an earlier version. This is because Windows has introduced a Dynamic Lock feature since Windows 10, and is available for Windows 11 and ahead.

1] Pair your PC with Bluetooth Device

To pair your phone with your PC, navigate to Settings and Bluetooth. In it, locate your PC’s name and tap it to connect. Further, select the Pair option from the prompt box to pair the two devices. Also, it should have your PC’s Bluetooth on.

Pairing the Device

Accept Bluetooth Pairing Request

After tapping your PC’s name, you’ll see a prompt box on its screen; click it across and choose Yes.

Tap on Yes to Pair Device

2] Check the Sign-in Options

Go to Settings, navigate to Accounts, and select Sign-in options. Scroll down to the Additional Settings option.

Open Additional Settings Option

3] Turn on Dynamic Lock in Windows

In it,  click the Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away checkbox to enable it. This will turn on the Dynamic Lock feature. Now, the feature would set the phone or Bluetooth device you paired as a Dynamic Lock device in the first step.

Allow Windows to Automatically Lock

4] Distance yourself with the Bluetooth Device from the Computer

Take your phone or Bluetooth device and leave the room to check if it works now.  As you distance yourself from the PC, Dynamic Lock will lock it when the Bluetooth signal between the two devices falls. Thus it goes below the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) value which varies with devices.


If you were searching for ways to lock your unattended Computer with Bluetooth Phone or device automatically, you would have got your answer! The Windows Dynamic Lock feature makes it possible, and a person without knowing credentials cannot unlock it. All you have to do is switch on your PC and other devices’ Bluetooth and pair them with each other. So, as you leave the Bluetooth vicinity with your other device, your computer is locked.

How Do I Lock My Computer Automatically After Inactivity?

The dynamic lock is a special thing that makes your computer lock itself when your phone’s signal weakens. This helps stop people from entering your computer if you walk away and forget to lock it.

Why Does Dynamic Lock Need Bluetooth?

Dynamic Lock needs Bluetooth because it uses a special connection with your phone to know when you’re not close to your computer. When the connection gets weak, it means you’ve probably moved away. That’s when Dynamic Lock automatically locks your computer to keep it safe.

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