Automatically play music when you do something boring like slow downloads

Who doesnt get bored of downloading stuff especially when the file is pretty huge and even though you had used the best download managers. So what to do you do ? Well I just switch to TV if I don’t have to work but when worked I often switch often if the download is complete.

Instant elevator Music is an interesting application just built for situation like this. Boring downloads, File Copy and slow very slow programs which might take sometime to start, this application will play music for you during these boring moments of computer life and will keep you up.  And if you are a programmer just check out the apps it supports, These people are smart to support them. Good Job.

What application does it support ?

  • Anything with a progress bar like Windows Copy, Outlook Startup, Launching Virtual Machine.
  • Firefox Downloads
  • Download Them All
  • Tera Copy
  • Tortoise SVN
  • Splash screen of MS Office, Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • Music Sound is configurable.
Configure Elevator Music
Configure Elevator Music


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