Automatically Resize images by moving them to specific folder

While writing the articles for blog, one of the things which are quite irritating is resizing the images (snapshots) in order to optimize them for the blog, no doubt there are several image resizing options, here is a tool which does this for you automatically, if you often need to resize the images for posting them on any kind of website, or for any other purpose, this is something awesome for you.

Dropresize, is a damn small system tray utility, once downloaded, simply unzip and run (standalone app), you get to see the window as shown below. Here you can specify the folder (any image in this folder will be resized), and the resize settings.

Now, according to the configuration shown here, any image file (JPG) that will be pasted in the Test folder will be resized to achieve its width to 580 pixels.

That is all about the Dropresize, so if resizing the images manually is one of things you hate to do, go ahead and install this utility, to get the resizing done automatically.

Download Dropresize

Also try this Download Mover to automatically move your downloaded files.


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