How to Automatically Save Screenshots & Screen Capture to Dropbox

Screenshots are as crucial as videos and photos for preserving significant or fascinating moments. So, in this article, we will talk about how to save screenshots and screen capture to Dropbox automatically. Fortunately, Dropbox screenshot offers a quick method for saving screenshots to Dropbox. Here, we will walk you through the process of automatically saving a screenshot to the Dropbox app.

How to Automatically Save Screenshots & Screen Capture to Dropbox

Given below are different methods you can use to save and access screenshots on your Dropbox account anytime automatically:

  1. Download Dropbox Capture and Desktop App
  2. Change the Preferences Settings in the Dropbox Desktop App
  3. Access the Screenshots via the Capture Folder

1] Download Dropbox Capture and Desktop App

Dropbox has an automatic capture feature that allows users to store screenshots and screen recordings in the cloud automatically. Windows and Mac support the Dropbox screenshot feature.

You must first download and install the Dropbox desktop application on your PC  to save screenshots to Dropbox automatically. So, before we begin, download the Dropbox Desktop App and Dropbox Capture on Windows or Mac PCs.

2] Change the Preferences Settings in Dropbox Desktop App

In this method, you will learn how to save screenshots in Dropbox on Windows and Mac automatically. Follow the steps given below to automatically save screenshots via the preference settings in the Dropbox Desktop app:

  • Click the Show hidden icons icon on the taskbar and click the Dropbox app icon to open it.

Open Dropbox Desktop App

  • Click the Access and manage your Dropbox settings button (your profile picture icon) and click the Preferences option from the context menu.

Choose Preferences From Dropbox Settings

  • In the Dropbox Preferences window, click the Backups tab. Under the heading Screenshots, click the checkbox next to Share screenshots using Dropbox to enable it. Click Apply and then OK.

Enable Share Screenshots Using Dropbox

Note: For this feature to function on a Mac PC, your screenshots must be set to be saved to your desktop.

Dropbox Capture App

You can easily capture a particular portion of your screen using the Dropbox Capture app. This is how you do it:

  • Use the hotkeys Alt + Shift + S to initiate taking the screenshot. Follow the on-screen instructions to take screenshot of the entire screen, part of the screen, or a specific window.

Take a Screenshot Using Dropbox Capture

  • After you have taken the screenshot, you will see a small window at the corner of your screen. A URL to the screenshot is copied when you capture a screenshot. The URL can be pasted wherever you want to share it.
  • Press the Ctrl + V keys to paste the screenshot wherever you like. You can also manually copy the link to the screenshot, delete it, etc.

Paste the Screenshot Anywhere or Copy the Link

3] Access the Screenshots via the Capture Folder

To access the screenshot you captured using the Dropbox Capture app, follow the steps given below:

  • Open File Explorer and click the Dropbox app on the left pane.
  • Click the Capture folder. All the screenshots you have taken are automatically saved in this folder. You can also keep a backup of these screenshots via Dropbox settings.

Access Dropbox Screenshots From Capture Folder

Since screenshots can only be automatically saved to Dropbox when they are set to be saved on your desktop, if you have changed the default destination of your screenshots on Mac, you should change it again.


You can use the screenshot feature in Dropbox to save screenshots and screen recordings to your Dropbox account automatically. It is saved into the Capture folder in your account after you have enabled this feature. It instantly copies a link to the screenshot or screen recording for sharing. Additionally, you can combine your cloud accounts with this tool to receive 100GB or more of free Dropbox storage.


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