AVG LiveKive Review : Why you will like to use it

A new service, named as LiveKive have been launched recently by the Popular Antivirus Company AVG. If we talk about such services, we do have several options available with us, but what makes LiveKive unique, is the automatic Backup feature. Simply create an account  later download the desktop client, now you can manage all your Backup, Sync, and Sharing operations using this client.

Features of LiveKive

  • Automatic Backup : Just tell the LiveKive about the folders and files you want to backup, schedule a backup time or tell the frequency (like after every 10 minutes or so).  Now sit relaxed, LiveKive will backup all your data as per your chosen schedule.  LiveKive performs incremental backup, i.e. it smartly checks up the files or folders where the changes have occurred and only on those locations backup operation is performed.

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive backup

  • Sharing : You can share the data with anyone you want, i.e. you can give people a direct link to download the files/folders shared by you. You can setup the sharing under the ‘Sahre’ tab of the LiveKive client, the process is pretty simple.

AVG File Sharing.

  • Sync : Sync files between multiple systems is another awesome feature of the LiveKive, simply install LiveKive client to any number of systems, and go to the ‘Sync’ tab, there you can get to see a window with two panels, left panel is to select the device (suppose you have two system, your home computer and your office computer, and LiveKive client is installed on both of them) select one folder on each system/computer and later the sync will be done as per your choice.

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive sync

While sync is doe between multiple computers, I am not sure if it utilizes the feature of Lan Sync i.e. If the computers are on same network, files can be synced directly from the device instead of downloading it again from servers. Dropbox has this amazing feature.

You can select the schedule for all the three operations, i.e. backup, sync and sharing all can be done either after every certain interval or at a specific time of the day, as shown below –

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive schedule

You can anytime login to your LiveKive account (web interface) to access your files anywhere, vene if the LiveKive client is not installed on the device; all you need is the web browser and internet connection.

Summary on LiveKive

LiveKive is a great tool which combines the power of Backup, Sync and Share like activities and has more features  if you compare it with DropBox or Box.Net though on the other hand there isn’t any comparison, because from what I felt while using LiveKive, it seems to be a Backup and Sync service with Sharing facility available, whereas Dropbox seems to be a file Sharing service, which can be used for Sync and Backup as well.

Price comparison of Live Kive, Dropbox and Box.Net

Live Kive Offers :

  1. 5Gb Free
  2. 25Gb in 49.99$
  3. Unlimited in 79.99$

Dropbox Offers :

  1. 2Gb Free
  2. 50Gb in 99$
  3. 100 Gb in 199$

Box.Net Offers :

  1. 5Gb Free
  2. 500 Gb in 180$

If you want to signup for a free account ( 5 GB version ) follow this link and if you want to get a full featured version, try a 30 day trial here

What do you think? Share your views via comments and do try out LiveKive



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