Best Wallpaper Changer for Windows with Multiple Monitor Support

Though Windows 7 Allows you to quickly switch from one wallpaper to another but it is more restricted towards single monitors. Now, if you are kind of person who uses Multiple monitors for productivity, getting wallpaper for each of the monitors and ability to change them automatically makes lot of sense. Moreover if you can get beautiful wallpaper from social sites like Facebook an Instagram, nothing beats that.

John’s Background Switcher is a wallpaper changer software which does three things brilliantly.

Online Photo Services:

First it lets you completely revamp your wallpaper collection idea by pulling images from Online Services like

  • DeviantArt, Photobucket, LOLCats and Zooomr
  • Phanfare, Smugmug and Vladstudio wallpapers
  • Flickr, Smugmug, Picasa and Yahoo
  • Facebook, RSS Photofeeds andWebshots
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Image Searches
  • and of course from your folders.

Social Photos:

Taking on step ahead, the application can connect with your social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr and VLADSTUDIO to use them as desktop backgrounds. You will need to click on the Authorize Button and then choose the social service you want to connect with.

Multiple Monitor Wallpaper Changer

Second it lets you manage wallpapers for more than one monitor. You can either have same wallpaper on all the monitors or choose different picture for each of them. For multiple monitors the application has following options:

  1. Same Picture on each monitor.
  2. One picture for all the desktops.
  3. Different pictures on each desktop or monitor
  4. A picture on one monitor only.


What impressed me apart from above mentioned features are the options the software comes with.

  • Changing Frequency: You can choose how often wallpaper is changed (30 second to 7 days). This is important if you don’t want to spend lot of bandwidth on the wallpapers.
  • Picture Mode: You can choose how the desktop backgrounds are displayed. For single wallpapers you can choose between stretch, centre, tile and crop to full screen. For multiple wallpapers you can create thumbnail mosaic, four picture montage,  polaroid pile and postcard pile.
  • Notifications: In case of any error, the application sends out notifications.
  • Save Picture: Any existing desktop wallpaper can be saved. This becomes handy when one of your favourite picture shows up and you want to have it on your computer. The application maintains cache i.e. temporary location where all files are downloaded, which makes sure you are not downloading it again.
  • Automatic Update: The application can automatically update itself when new features are rolled out by the developer.
  • Share Wallpaper: Any existing wallpaper can be shared on Twitter or sent over email.
  • Manual Change: If you want you can change the wallpaper manually. This is handy when you have set frequency for longer duration and are bored of current wallpaper.

You can download this software from here and install it. Once the application is installed, it sits on the system tray with a sync icon which rotates every time something is changed.  If you want to download high-resolution, multi monitor supported check out wallpapers from our collection.



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