How to Backup Your Facebook Data Including Messenger and Photos

Like other social media, Facebook allows us to export data and keep a copy. It is handy when you plan to deactivate your account but have heart-touching memories on FB and don’t want to lose it. Here’s how to backup Facebook data; I’ve covered it all for you!

How To Backup Your Facebook Data

Facebook provides a straightforward way to back up your data, and it’s not confined to media only. Yet, its naming conventions and interfaces differ in app and devices, so there are two methods.

  1. Download and back your Facebook information via the website
  2. Backup your Facebook data on the Facebook mobile app

Let’s dig into the details on how to backup Facebook.

Download And Backup Your Facebook Information Via Website

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Tap the arrow-head icon on the top-right
  • Click Settings & Privacy and choose Settings from the drop-down menu

Go to Settings & Privacy

  • Select Your Facebook Information from the left pane.
  • Navigate to View beside Download Your Information.

Tap on Download Your Information

  • Set up your preferences, and press the Create File button in the next pane.

You will be prompted to connect it with Google Drive and complete the backup process accordingly.

Backup Your Facebook Data on the Facebook Mobile App

The process would vary significantly if you use your smartphone’s Facebook app.

  • Open Facebook and tap the tri-lined icon
  • Launch Settings & Privacy and go to Settings
  • In the Accounts Centre, click Your Information and Permissions

Access Your Information in Account Center

  • Tap Download Your Information and press the Download or Transfer Information button.
  • Select Available information or Specific types of information depending on your preferences.

Download or Transfer Information and All available Information

  • Choose the required and click Transfer to Google Drive 

Transfer to Google Drive

  • Tap Next and connect to Google Drive 

You will be prompted to complete the process, and you can restore the backup whenever required.

How To Archive Facebook Activities

You would have some great memories like check-ins, maybe with your former friends or foes, even your spouse, who now means nothing. In such situations or even in a decluttered timeline, you wouldn’t want it to no longer appear on your timeline.

Yet, you would want it to be accessible easily over Facebook with details. Here’s where you can archive Facebook Activities so it’s visible only to you!

  • Go to Facebook Menu and tap on the profile icon.

Open Activity Log on Facebook App

  • In Profile Settings, which opens, click Activity Log and press the Public Posts button.

Archive Post from Three Dotted Icon

  • A list of your posts appears; tap the three-dotted icon next to it
  • Select Move To Archive from the drop-down menu

No one except you could see the post unless you unarchived it. Notably, it is different from deleting as you still have access to them. You can even archive your activities, post comments, and more using a similar method. You can also download the Facebook data backup and view it using the browser.


You would have gotten your answer if you were looking for how to back up your Facebook. It’s a direct process, and since the interfaces vary on the website and mobile app, there are methods for both. Its settings let you backup your Facebook account to your Google Drive.

Besides, you can even download and transfer it over any other media like your external hard drive, including the backup Facebook messenger data and Facebook Photos.

How To Access Your Facebook Information?

To access your Facebook information, go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Information > Access Your Information. Further, you can check various categories and download your information from them.

How To Access Facebook Archive?

Go to Menu > Profile Settings > Activity Log > Archive to access your Facebook Information. If there are many archives, you can use the filters to access them easily.


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