Backup Multiple Folders and Monitor them in Real Time ( Windows )

When it comes to find an ideal Backup Solution, things get confusing because there are many which are feature rich while some are just good not be used. We have talked about lot of Backup Software before and today we are introducing yet another tool, bvckup, which is simple but powerful and automated solution for users who are looking for a straight forward but effective backup solution. Best part, this software is free to use.

Video Review ( With Caption ) Followed by Feature List

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Features of BVCKUP

  • Manage Multiple Folders Backup.
  • All backups can be initiated with press of a button in batch.
  • Schedule to take backup every few minutes or use it as Instant Backup solution.
  • If you are running out of space, Use the Filter Feature so some file types are not backed up.
  • One Filter can overrun another filter.
  • While taking backup, you can arrange them according to Folder Structure i.e. Images into one folder while documents into another.
  • Supports Differential Backup i.e. You can either choose to backup modified files or copy only parts of files which have changed instead of copying the entire file. This makes the backup process very fast.
  • To full proof you can set to perform a complete backup after X number of backups are completed.
  • Detailed Logging System. This means you will get to know which files were changed, if there was an error and how it was handled.
  • Logs can be exported.
  • Supports Volume Shadow Copying
  • A complete summary is available for all the backups. It displaysLast Backup Time, How Many Files where changed, updated and removed, Folder Size and number of files.

Backup Multiple Folder BVCKP Configuration


Now if you are not convinced , here is what is coming in next version of this backup software.

  • Support for Junctions, Symbolic Links and ADS. They are typical NTFS stuff.
  • 64 Bit Version
  • Option to backup deleted files in form of archives.
  • In case of Error, the backup will pause and ask you to resolve the conflict.
  • Group Support for Different kind of Backups.

Since the software auto updates itself, you will get notification when it comes. Download bvckup. If you still want to look for option, check out our list  of Backup Software


  1. Hmm, this is kind of complicated, I am use to monitor my folders by activating my antivirus but for now on I will use your tutorial Bvckup sounds interesting.


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