Backup & Restore Angry Birds Game Levels & Score (Android)

Replaying any game right from the scratch is one of the biggest pain for gamers and if its Angry Birds, its even more because not only it has too many levels, replaying to unlock already unlocked games is boring.

So here is some good news for Android users, Angry Birds : Save your Save is a free app which can backup and restore all your Angry birds data including Levels, Scores etc. It supports almost all the Angry Birds version like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry birds Rio & Angry Birds Space. Space Premium and Space HD are not yet supported.

Angry Birds Save your Save

The app will need to a rooted Android device i.e. mobile or tablet with Busy Box installed. When you launch the app you have individual options to backup & restore the game saves. Make sure to close the Angry Bird game before saving or restoring the app. In case the app is not able to restore, just launch the Angry Bird game once for initial setup to be done and then exit. Later restore it.

I have always been comfortable in playing games on my Nexus 7 than on Mobile because of the bigger screen display. Thanks to the dev that it is also compatible with Nexus 7 also.


Download from here.