Backup & Restore Windows 8 App Data

Its pretty uncommon that you always have to start from level zero if you have reinstalled a game on Windows 8 or mostly in any other PC. Starting with Windows 8, you have apps now which are more or less locked down into their area and there is no easy way to find where all the data is stored.  It used to be damn easy in Windows 7 and before where the application folders were easy to navigate and fiddle around at your wish.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup is one such software which is trying to resolve this kind of issue to help users backup the data from the apps i.e Game Levels, Game Progress, Settings etc.  Then when you reinstall the apps later, you can just use the restore feature in the app to get back to where you left.

Windows 8 Data Backup and Restore

How to use it :

Backup: In this mode make sure all the apps are closed before running it. Though technically you will need to close the apps of which you are going to take backup.  Save the backup at a location where you wont lose it. Tyr USB or backup to cloud.

Restore: Almost similar operation, you need to initiate this once you have the app reinstalled using the app store. Remember this app can only store data and not app itself. You can choose multiple app data restore or individuals.


Via Windows Blog Italia   | Download from here


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