Backup your WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, FB, Gmail and much more (2 Free accounts for giveaway)

Taking a backup of your offline data and the data spread over internet across several email clients, photo hosting, social networking sites, and blog is very important and must as well.

Around an Year back has to face this, we lost everything when the server crashed, and we didn’t have anything as backup, though we knew the importance of backup, so we did do some arrangements to keep a daily backup, but due to some reasons, when the crash occurred we were left with nothing. Hats-off to Ashish, it was his effort and hard work, we finally made a comeback using some other alternatives, but it was damn hectic.

Here is an amazing service which can help you with backing up your online content (it has a provision to back up almost every service any general user uses), to name them –

  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Delicious Delicious
  • Zoho
  • Google Docs Google Docs
  • Photobucket Photobucket
  • WordPress WordPress
  • FriendFeed
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Basecamp
  • and it will soon support Youtube and Blogger as well

Somebody told me that the User Interface of Lifestream Backup isn’t that good, but I found it pretty simple and easy to use.

Once you have an account at Lifestream Backup (as such no Free option is there, but a Trial can be signed up for 15 days), and you sign in to it, you come across the ‘Settings’ tab, here you can choose the service you want to backup and later add you account info (i.e. username and password of your account on the particular service).

At the bottom of ‘Settings’ page you can set the options, like the backup frequency (Daily or Weekly), and email notification settings.

Clicking on the ‘Archives’ tab, and choosing service there allows you to check out on the backup taken by Lifestream Backup.

The ‘History’ tab allows you to have a look on the backup operations performed, i.e. when did the backup start and when it finished, and also the result, if it was successful or not.

Another feature of Lifestream Backup is, you can add multiple accounts from same service for backups under your Lifestream Backup account.

Overall, a nice service, works fine, a perfect backup solution.

Well, Thanks to Rob (Co-Founder/President, Lifestream Backup), for giving me a Free account, and 2 accounts for our readers.

Well as stated in the title we have 2 licenses as the Giveaway and the winners will be decided on the basis of any of the below.

So, if you want to be the lucky reader, go tweet, comment and share with your friends.

Visit Lifestream Backup (now known as Backupify)

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  1. Thats nice.
    I remember 5 years back,one of my friends came up with a very similar idea and I shot it down. I quoted lack of bandwidth to be an effective problem for people in subcontinent.

    But I kinda now think, that with work moving online,having a backup is good enough.

    But I really dont know, with the redundancies the organisations have built around data storage, how needful will a third party backup will be.


    P.S:But I still want one of those licenses 😉

  2. This sounds like a really good idea, wonder what sites they will add in the future…

  3. Hmm, entered couple of the previous giveaways and didnt win still 🙁

    Retweeted this post, and thanks for following me on twitter!!

  4. I really need this Buddy….as I have also a many a times Lost a lot of useful Data…

  5. Yes. This is awesome.
    Always wanted to treasure all that’s me and floating on web.
    Hoping I get one of those 🙂

  6. I have a very famous friend who had a bogus complaint made about him on Facebook, and his account was blocked. Having a service like Lifestream is pretty critical for any business that relies on social networking. Seems like a no brainer!

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