Barcamp Hyderabad What’s Hot What’s Not

You must have seen or live blogging which we did from Barcamp Hyderabad on Saturday. It was a new adventure for us and we did really enjoy there ( Specially the food and free goodies ). What you will be reading in this post is about our personal experience on it.

What’s Not

  • There was a lack of SIGN where people could have found actually the Google Office and even specifically the Barcamp. The Omega Office was without a sign of which people would have come to know if there was a Google office and Bar camp was going on except a small banner on the gate. Due to the lack of these it took us like 2 hrs to figure out the things. Thanks to Abhishek and his Cousin Lucky we were able to find it finally. Probably if the Barcamp group are reading this they might take care of it next time
  • If they could have distributed a complete program list ( Sessions and Demo) on paper to all the participants it would have been damn easy for people to find what will be happening when. Though it was online but an off line content always help.
  • The second half was move to a very small room which could hardly accommodate all of the people. I saw people leaving including us when we saw a lack of space.That was little disappointing as we were interested to attend them

What’s Hot

The organizers where very co operative and helping. I had problem in connecting to Internet but one of the persons did help in that.

  • Opportunity to different types and section of technology was given. Even one of the ideas which points to rural problem was discussed which was interesting. Probably Manav will be coming out with a post on that soon.
  • The food was nice and we did some free gifts that made all of us happy.Specially the quality of goodies are damn good.

That was our experience with Barcamp, I hope they try to remove the essential shortcomings so that people take more and more interest. Overall a good job done by the guys over there and we hope to see more with time.


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