Basic MS Excel Shortcuts every user should know

We have been posting about Microsoft Office Excel tips, we also posted about several Excel Shortcuts, and some of these shortcuts were quite uncommon as well.

Here is another list of Shortcuts; most of them are basic shortcuts which could be quite helpful to you, if you work with Excel pretty often.

Print and Preview Documents using shortcut keys –

Display the Print commandCTRL+P

Work in print preview –

Move around the page when zoomed in               Arrow keys
Move by one page when zoomed outPAGE UP or PAGE DOWN
Move to the first page when zoomed out       CTRL+UP ARROW or CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move to the last page when zoomed out        CTRL+DOWN ARROW or CTRL+RIGHT ARROW

Outline data by using shortcut key –

Ungroup rows or columnsALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Group rows or columns                                       ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Display or hide outline symbolsCTRL+8
Hide selected rowsCTRL+9
Unhide selected rowsCTRL+SHIFT+ (
Hide selected columnsCTRL+0 (ZERO)
Unhide selected columnsCTRL+SHIFT+)

Keys for menus –

Show a shortcut menu                                      SHIFT+F10
Make the menu bar activeF10 or ALT
Show the program icon menu (on the program title bar)ALT+SPACEBAR
Select the next or previous command on the menu or submenuDOWN ARROW or UP ARROW
Select the menu to the left or right, or, with a submenu visible, switch between the main menu and the submenuLEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW
Select the first or last command on the menu or submenuHOME or END
Close the visible menu and submenu at the same timeALT
Close the visible menu, or, with a submenu visible, close the submenu onlyESC

Keys for using the Office Assistant –

Make the Office Assistant the active balloonALT+F6 (repeat until the balloon is active)
Select a Help topic from the topics displayed by the Office AssistantALT+topic number (where 1 is the first topic, 2 is the second, and so on)
See more help topicsALT+DOWN ARROW
See previous help topicsALT+UP ARROW
Close an Office Assistant messageESC
Get Help from the Office AssistantF1

Display the next tipALT+N
Display the previous tipALT+B
Close tipsESC
Show or hide the Office Assistant in a wizardTAB to select the Office Assistant button; SPACEBAR to show or hide the Assistant

Keys for toolbars –

Make the menu bar activeF10 or ALT
Select the next or previous toolbarCTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Select the next or previous button or menu on the toolbarTAB or SHIFT+TAB (when a toolbar is active)
Open the selected menuENTER
Perform the action assigned to the selected buttonENTER
Enter text in the selected text boxENTER

Hope you find them useful, go ahead and get them printed to keep handy.

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