Batch Download photos from Flickr Public Set using Flickr Set Down

Around a year back we talked about Bulkr, a Flickr Tool which can help you download photos, sets etc from your Flickr account but this required you to be logged in to your account. But if you dont want to login and you want to download all the images from a Flickr Set which is shared to public, then Flickr Set Down is just made for you.

Flickr Set Down is command line utility which can download all images in any public set by using the Unique number given for every set. All the images are downloaded one by one and stored in a folder which has the same number as the set.

How to use this :

  • Go to Codeplex and download it and Unzip to a folder.
  • Now open command prompt and change your directory to the above directory.
  • Now open the set you want to download. Copy the unique id which is at the end of the set e.g. /sets/72157627120043174/
  • Type in FlickrSetDown.exe 72157627120043174
  • Next this will download all the images one by one in a folder named same as set number.
Download Flickr Set
Total download time will depend on your internet speed and this application itself takes bit of time but images are of same resolution so it is worth it. In case of huge set, i will recommend you to download when you are sleeping.
Some Trick which I discovered accidentally :
  • If you want to download the images to a folder x in the set folder type in as FlickrSetDown.exe 72157627120043174/x/ where X is the folder name.
  • In case the images in set have the same name, it will download and overwrite it with new one. This means you will have only one image at the end.


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