Batch edit file date and time

Changing timestamps of  file creation or last accessed becomes a major need when you need to show documents which you might have created pretty late but was required to be done ahead. Though windows has a couple of command line tools but when you have hundreds of documents it becomes a tedious job.

File Date changer is a portable handy tool which lets you select multiple files or a complete folder or both and change the time / date of file creation and last accessed quickly. It also includes support for sub-directories and can change files to read only mode.

File Date Changer

The application is very simple to use and you can always use a wild card to filter files when you opt for files in the list box. The list box also supports sorting and deletion of files if required.

The only drawback which I see is the batch update itself because if you need to change  files date which is different for each this tool fails. When I started looking at the tool, I was looking forward for an option which gives me spreadsheet kind of view where I can manually set timestamps for each. For such need you will have to first sort out files according to time you want and then spend time to again re arrange back to the folder arrangement structure you were following.

Download File Date Changer | Related Powerful rule based batch file Renamer



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