Batch edit photographs to resize, add frames, watermarks etc.

We have discussed about several watermarking tools which can help you to add  custom watermarks to  your photo and images, here is another simple and easy to use application which can help you watermark, resize, and add frames.

Good Frame is a small tool, which allows you to add frames (preset frames or any combination of colors you want to use as frames), watermark the photos and choose a custom location of this watermark; you can also add logo and signatures.

The setup file for this tool is pretty small, once installed, after running this application you come across a window as shown below.

In the source section you can either choose an image file or a full directory which has images or photos.

Later you can choose to resize and hence the new dimensions of the photos.

Choose a frame to add on the photo, or design a frame by clicking the ‘New’ button.

Information, here you can add several things like watermark, logo and signature, and several related attributes to each of them, as shown below.

There some more features of this application as stated on the download page –

  • The Jpeg quality can be selected.
  • The original pictures are never modified.
  • The exifs information are kept

Good Frame is definitely damn easy to use and pretty light weight as well.

Download Good Frame and Give it a try, do share your views about it with us.


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