Batch Rename those Poorly Named APK files to their Actual names

If you have third party Apps on your Android Phone which are not named nicely and when go to find  that app and all you see is garbage name for example a Photo App named as PH_1_0_2.apk, its time to make those nuts into sometime that makes sense.

Primetechv2 @ XDA-Forums has created a Batch file which can rename them into their proper name which is taken from the info available in those files, so when you search it makes all sense to you.

  • Download the file from here and then unzip to a folder.
  • Bring in all those APK in one place. ( Optional ) or Just plugin your Android in USB mode and if your files are on SD card you are done.
  • Then drag them and drop into the folder over a file which is named as renameapk-min.bat
  • This will open in command prompt and rename it.
  • Done that all your APK are now Good Named guys.
  • This tool comes along with all depndent files like ADB, AAPT etc so it doesnt have any pre-requisite.
Rename Multiple APk Files
Renaming APk files on Commandline

In case you have these APK files on your computer, you can next use the Batch APK Installer to upload these files to your phone instead of uploading them one by one.


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