Battery Go helps you decide what you can do with left battery charge on your iPad / iPhone

When you running out of battery on your iPad or iPhone and you have nothing to do, it becomes difficult to decide if you can play game for next few hours or its better to listen to music or watch audio. Though most of us fall for what we like to do but if you know you will not able to recharge for next few hours, Battery Go Plus app can give you estimates on how long your batter will last depending on what you choose.

This estimate is given according to current charge available on the device and device type, it’s age, your typical daily use, and screen brightness all into account.

Battery Go Plus app estimates for :

  • GPS Usage
  • Playing High Graphics Games
  • Watching Online Video
  • Casual Games
  • Browsing over Wi-Fi
  • Watching video on your iPad or iPhone
  • Listening to Music
  • How long your iPad will stay turned on if you do nothing
  • and How much time it will take to charge up completely.

Battery Go Plus Usage Estimater

Apart from this it also provides information about your device age, type of device, how long you use it every day, theme, colour and brightness. Do checkout the battery tips they have.

I had used iPad since 7 months now and most of the time its the Game Apps which consume battery, specially one which have huge graphics and make use of virtual track pad.  My Tip for saving batter life will be :

  • Turn of Bluetooth. Most of the time you don’t use it as WiFi is enough to complete our requirement.
  • Use Air Plane mode when you are commuting and as you will not turn on the iPad for any work related to internet.
  • If you listening to music, reduce the brightness of the device or just keep it aside else you will end up doing something.
  • If you aren’t using any GPS apps or do not want your location to be tracked, just turn of the location service under settings.

Download Battery Go Plus from iTunes

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