Bem’s Wireless Speakers Mobile & Outlet speaker are perfect Plug & Play Companion

Streaming music from your Smartphone to any external device like your laptop or TV or even gaming console is something we always look forward to. The idea behind is keeping the phone as the main music device and play it anywhere we want.

Bem Wireless which is directed towards products which fits seamlessly in your lifestyle has unveiled Bluetooth HIFI Audio series, the speaker trio, boom box, mobile speaker, and outlet speaker where each speaker has its own style. These speakers have Bem’s Audio Solution for feature rich, precision-tuned sound, user-friendly operation, and modern, clean design.

Of these two Mobile Speaker and Outlet Speaker are particularly interesting.

Mobile Speaker: This is like charged up speaker which you can pick and drop anywhere you want. This tiny speaker is said to have a powerful audio output. In fact its smaller than a tennis ball which means you need to be careful else you gonna loose it quick.!! The speaker connects with your phone over Bluetooth and has AUX in and out option for expanding speaker power.  Its priced at 69.99$

Bem Mobile Speaker

Outlet Speakers: If you feel charging your speakers is always a hassle, get these Outlet Speaker which just speaks for their name. It comes with a built in power adapter which you can plugin in anywhere you can find a power socket. As the size of the speaker is bit extra than Juice Box, you can place it anywhere with your luggage. It also comes with a USB port which allows users to charge their mobile device with it.  Its priced at $99.99

BEM outletspeaker


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