Best AI Tools for Video Editing

We are living in a world of AI. Several tasks can be automated using AI tools, including video editing. However, when it comes to AI video editing, as of now, we don’t have tools that can take care of everything. But we have some of the best AI tools for video editing that can ease out specific jobs.

So if you are also looking for some AI tools that can speed up your video editing process, then look at these suggestions.

Best AI Tools for Video Editing

Best AI Tools for Video Editing

Here are a few of the best AI video editing tools that can help you create videos quickly and efficiently:

  1. Invideo
  2. Runwayml
  3. Clippah
  5. Wisecut

Now let’s go ahead and have a look at these tool’s features, pros, and cons briefly below:

1] Invideo

invideo ai video editor

Invideo makes it super easy to create videos as it offers different templates for different purposes that you can select and use for your content. It also offers AI tools to help you convert your script, article, or blog into a video within minutes.

Top Features

  • It has 5000+ professionally created templates for different platforms, industries, and content types.
  • It comes with many shortcuts, like adding stock media and music, removing the background of your product images, and more.
  • Invideo features different AI tools for converting your script, article, or blog into a video.
  • It also features an AI-based text-to-video editor and can resize your videos for any aspect ratio.
  • It allows you to record a voiceover for your video or convert text to speech.
  • Invideo supports collaboration features.


pricing of invideo

Invideo comes with three different plans – Free, Business, and Unlimited. The free version offers you all the basic plans without any restrictions. But it adds a watermark to your videos.

You can also go for the Business plan priced at $15/month when billed annually, and it will offer you access to all the features and won’t add a watermark on your videos. But you can only export 60 HD videos per month.

The unlimited plan is excellent for exporting more than 60 videos. It will have all the features included in the Premium plan, priced at $30/month when billed annually.

Pros Cons
5000+ professionally- created templates Limited AI features
Supports collaboration with teams
Convert articles, blog posts, or texts to videos.


More on the official website

2] Runwayml


Runway is a new creative suite with many different AI tools to make your video editing process super easy. This tool can turn any image, video clip, or text prompt into a video. You can also use the tool for erasing things from your videos, offering you much more advanced tools.

Top Features

  • You can slow-mo any video with just a few clicks.
  • Runway allows you to erase things from your videos.
  • You can use it to make images move.
  • Runway allows you to color grade your videos with only text.
  • It can create animated sequence videos from uploaded images.
  • You can use it to blur faces in videos automatically.
  • It supports automated blurring of the background of a video.


runwayml pricing

Runway has four plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The basic plan is available free of cost. But it only offers 125 credits and supports up to 3 video projects.

But if you need more, there is a standard plan priced at $12/month when billed annually, and it offers you 625 credits/month.

The pro plan offers you 2250 credits/month, priced at $28/month if you bill yearly. Also, you need to contact the support team for the enterprise plan.

Pros Cons
Turn any video into a smooth slow motion video A bit costly


Automatically blur faces in videos.
Cut out unwanted silences in audio and videos.
Lots of AI tools for image, video, 3D, and audio editing


More on the official website

3] Clippah


Clippah is a simple video editing tool that AI powers. However, it doesn’t offer an extensive list of features but can perform specific tasks quickly. For instance, it can automatically create a vertical video with captions from a short video.

Top Features

  • It allows you to extract viral conversation clips from a video.
  • You can create timestamps for your long video pretty easily.
  • Create a vertical video with captions from a short video automatically.


Clippah is free to use.

Pros Cons
Extract conversations from a short video Limited AI features
Create timestamps for your long YouTube videos Not suitable for editing/creating longer videos
Create vertical videos with captions


More on the official website


descript com makes it super easy to edit your videos by editing the script. Your videos are automatically transcribed. So you can use the tool to edit your videos like doc and arrange visuals as you do on a slide.

Top Features

  • It allows you to edit videos by script and scene.
  • The tool is straightforward to use yet immensely powerful.
  • You can transform lousy recordings into studio quality with a few clicks.
  • Helps you with filler word removal.
  • You can use the tool to create a realistic clone of your voice and record new words by simply typing them in.
  • You can choose from existing video templates.


descript com pricing

Four different plans are available on Free, Creator, Pro, and Enterprise. With the free plan, you get one hour of transcription per month. A $12/month Creator plan comes with 10 transcription hours a month.

The pro plan costs $24 with 30 transcription hours included. For the enterprise plan, you need to contact Descript’s support team.

Pros Cons
Edit videos the way you edit a script A bit costly
It comes with collaborative features The media library isn’t vast enough
Choose from existing video templates
Offers you access to thousands of premium stock media


More on the official website

5] Wisecut


Wisecut is an online video editing tool powered by Ai and voice recognition capabilities. This tool can turn your long-form talking videos into shorts, impactful clips with music, subtitles, and more. You can also use the tool to cut down silences in your videos automatically.

Top Features

  • It can automatically cut silences.
  • Offers brilliant background music.
  • You get auto subtitles.
  • AI-powered audio ducking.
  • You get sound waves for audio files.


wisecut pricing

Concerning pricing, Wisecut has four plans: Enterprise, Free, Starter, and Professional. For the enterprise plan, you need to contact the support team.

The free plan offers 30 minutes of AI video processing power monthly. The starter plan costs $10, offering you 8 hours of video AI-video processing per month.

With the Professional plan, you get 30 hours of monthly AI video processing at $29. Also, these price plans only apply when you go for a yearly plan.

Pros Cons
Auto cut silences Expensive
Supports audio subtitles and translations
Smart background music that fits your videos
Automatic audio ducking


More on the official website


So those were a few of the best AI tools for video editing. The names mentioned above are entirely different, with a few things in common. So go ahead and check their features offering and see which one meets your requirements.


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