Best Free PDF Reading Apps for iPad ( PDF Readers )

After getting an iPad, finding a good PDF reader was one of the primary things to do because PDF is one of the standard document formats used in email attachments and even online so anybody on any platform can read it. Though iPad come with a built-in support for PDF through the inbuilt Mail application, Safari Browser mail browser  and the iBooks app but if you do heavy PDF reading,  getting a good app makes a lot of sense.

Looking around the iTunes which has loads of app for PDF reading, I downloaded a couple of them to test out. Below is details of all the apps with features and drawbacks as I found.

iPad PDF Apps

Stanza and CloudReaders are on the same level. Both performed well when loading large PDF files but Cloud Reader was much faster with an added advantage that you can transfer pdf files over Wi-Fi using an Upload interface which you can see below :

Cloudreader Wi-Fi Media transfer

Another Unique feature which Cloud Reader provides is two page view when you hold the iPad Horizontal which I did not see in Stanza though it allows document rotation.

CloudReader two page reading

Now looking at features of Stanza if you can just ignore the above two features of Cloud Reader, there are lot of options and configurations which are available with Stanza. For example :

  • Smooth Scrolling of pages.
  • Control background light.
  • Quick Access to tabel of content, bookmarks.
  • Has Themes which supports nigh reading ( dark background ) and editing details of the books.
  • It also allows you to use Annotation.

Stanza Features

Download Stanza and CloudReaders

iRead PDF :

iRead is another feature rich PDF reader which has tabbed based PDF reading with support of basic annotations, Integrated Search. Bookmark any part of document.  Read more on iRead.

iRead PDF

BookMan :

If you love reading e-books which come in a different format than PDF files i.e. PUB extensions, BookMan is an excellent choice though it supports PDF also. This application is direct competitor to Apple’s default iBook reader but when compared, Book Man beats it out.

Now only its beautiful but feature rich. For example when you start scrolling between pages, it displays thumbnail of the page which gives you much better idea. It also supports two page reading similar to CLoudReaders.

Thumbnail of pages while scrolling

Read More on it

Common Features of the PDF readers for iPad :

  • One thing that was common in all these pdf reader apps  is that they allow you to transfer pdf or ebook files between your computer and iPad.You should be able to do it when you connect with iTunes and go to Apps section. Its called as File Sharing Apps List.

File Sharing Apps iTunes

  • Tell you how much you have read the pdf or ebook and at what page you are.
  • Book Shelf.
  • Easy reading and finger gestures supported.
  • Support pdf,cbz, cbr pub formats.

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