Best Resources to download free PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Presentations are an important part of almost every internet and computer user. Creating and using PowerPoint Presentations is good way to get better communication and understanding. While in the process of creating a new Presentation, choice of a perfect PPT Template is an important decision.

No-doubt MS Office comes with several good looking and wide range of templates, but at times they might not suffice your requirements. Here I have tried to enlist some resources which allow you to download free PPT templates, have a look.

#1 Free PPT Templates

Here you can find several PPT Templates for free. These templates are categorized in categories like

  • Abstract, Medicine, Nature, Patterns, Shapes, Textures
  • Genera, Maps, Globes, and  Color PowerPoint Templates.

List of latest templates can be found on the homepage itself, as shown below. Download it from here

#2 Free PowerPoint templates @ Presentation Helper –

This resource has several templates to suit your PPT template needs, there are several PPT templates and categorized as, Business, Transport, Sports, Maps, Wedding etc. Hundreds of awesome templates can be found here for free download. Download it from here

#3 Free PowerPoint Templates for Microsoft PowerPoint @ Sonia Coleman’s Digital Studio –

Here you can find loads of free templates for download, there are premium templates as well, but that will require an active subscription (paid).

Free templates have sub categories, and clicking on any sub category you will be redirected to page which has all the templates under that particular category, also if you want you can download all the templates under the particular category in one go, and save as a zip file. Download these templates from here

It has 12 template sets, i.e. 12 sub categories for templates.

#4 –

Another awesome resource for templates download, here you can choose to browse by category, categories are –

  • Abstract PowerPoint Templates
  • Business PowerPoint Templates
  • Finance PowerPoint Templates
  • General PowerPoint Templates
  • Nature PowerPoint Templates
  • Travel PowerPoint Templates

Download it from here

#5 PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds @ Brainy Betty –

Here you will find 100s of free PowerPoint backgrounds, ready to download PowerPoint backgrounds (no exactly templates), this resource has really some lovely templates, and there are several animated backgrounds from different domains which can be used in your PowerPoint presentations.


POWERBACKS claims to have 120 Free Templates for PowerPoint, all you need to do is click on any category for which you need the template, and later you can download them all in one click. Download it from here

If you search around there could be several resources for downloading PPT Templates, these were the ones I liked, some of them have facility to download multiple templates, some have some very different kind of templates etc.

If you know some other resource which has something unique in them, do share with us in comments.

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