Best Security Apps for Your Android

With so much of our daily lives happening on our phones, it’s essential to take phone security seriously. Unless you’re already conscious of your phone’s security information, chances are your phone has gone unprotected for quite some time. From free, basic security apps to high-end security suites, there are tons of options when it comes to protecting your Android device.

So many of us use social media, do business, store our banking information, and access our sensitive information directly from our phones. Whether you’re connected to your device’s data connection or a public WiFi connection, a phone without a high-quality security app is a phone that’s at risk.

Best Security Apps for Your Android

To help you get started with your phone security, we’ve decided to look through tech sites like and PCMag to find some of the most popular security apps for your phone.

How Secure Is Your Smartphone?

Have you taken the time to really consider how secure your smartphone actually is? While iPhones are inherently more secure than Android devices, both devices are ultimately at risk if you don’t have a dedicated security app that’s regularly scanning your files and internet connection.

If you’re connecting to unsecured public WiFi, your sensitive information may be at risk of exposure. Hackers can easily access the network and intercept your data without you ever knowing. With just a few taps, you can download and install a security app that will consistently monitor your phone and alert you of any security issues it finds.

Why Smartphone Security is Important

Smartphone security is more important now than ever before. As we mentioned, so much of what we do every day takes place on our phones. In fact, many of us may spend the majority of our day on our phones. Social media, email, banking information, and so much more can be exposed without proper phone security.

Phone security apps are constantly working in the background of your phone, scanning all of your files and internet activity for any threats. Files that are downloaded are also scanned and checked before the download is complete, keeping your phone safe from potential threats. Downloaded viruses and live hacks through public WiFi connections are two of the most common security breaches that smartphone users can experience.

Let’s take a look at our top choices for security apps.

McAfee Security

We chose McAfee security because it’s a well-known company with a solid reputation for high-quality security products. We also enjoy the fact that there is a free version as well as a paid version that has additional security features. You can easily test out the app without any commitment or cost, and when you’re ready to upgrade your security, McAfee makes it easy to upgrade to the paid version that unlocks tons of great features for you to use.

The free version comes with an industry-leading virus scanner, phone tracking capabilities, as well as remote locking and wiping options. All of the files and internet traffic that comes through your phone is scanned in real-time. If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll have the option to remove advertisements from the app and receive live phone support from the team at McAfee.

Kaspersky Mobile

Kaspersky is another big name in digital security services, which is why they’re number two on our list of best security apps for your phone. The Kaspersky mobile antivirus app is another excellent choice for keeping your mobile device secure. The enhanced malware detection protocols are designed to maximize detection rates, keeping you and your mobile device safe.

The app will check downloads, files, internet traffic, and links to alert you of any security concerns. What we really like about the Kaspersky mobile app is the proactive approach to device protection. Before you even click on a link, you’ll get an alert that the link is suspicious. When all it takes is one click to have your information stolen, it’s nice to know that Kaspersky’s app can alert you before that happens.

Kaspersky offers both a free and paid version, with the paid version offering more features such as anti-phishing, call filtering, and automatic scans.

Sophos Antivirus

Next on our list of best security apps for your phone is Sophos Antivirus. The security app is completely free and offers a host of impressive security features and upgrades. It’s also nice to know that the free version does not run advertisements as many other free security apps do.

Apps, files, downloads, and web traffic are all scanned and analyzed in real-time, giving you alerts as soon as a security concern is detected. Websites are also scanned before you access them to alert you of malware, viruses, or even illegal content before you even click the link.

The included QR scanner allows you to securely connect to WiFi, and there’s even a two-factor authentication option for even greater security.

Norton Security and Antivirus

The final app on our list of the best security apps for your phone is the Norton Security and Antivirus app. The app has one of the highest malware detection rates in the industry, all while being free to download and use. Norton is another top name in security services and they’ve done an excellent job with this app.

You’ll get consistent virus scans, the ability to lock your device remotely, and real-time alerts if the app detects any issues. There is a paid version that also offers real-time website scanning and filtering.

The remote phone locking option is unique the Norton’s Security and Antivirus app. You can have your phone lock after a certain number of unsuccessful access attempts, if the SIM card is removed, or even by sending your phone a text message from another device.

Final Phone Security Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great phone security apps out there, and the good news is that many of those apps are completely free. You don’t need to pay for an app to secure your phone, and going from no phone security to a free security app is going to do wonders for your device’s overall security level.


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