Best sites to search and download free wallpapers Part 2

Wallpaper 4 me – home to a wide variety of high definition wallpapers which can be used as both desktop backgrounds and myspace backgrounds. Car wallpapers, Red Wallpapers, Scenic Wallpapers, and iPhone Wallpapers categories are the main point of attrction on this site.

Wallpapers 4 me free download awesome wallpapers

Jurko Wallpapers

Nice collection of quality pictures for your desktop. Wallpapers of almost every taste and flavor are available here for free download. Wallpapers are not categorized as on other wallpaper sites, but you can choose to directly access Widescreen Wallpapers or PDA Wallpapers.

Jurko wallpapers free download awesome wallpapers

The Wallpaper Hunter

A house of several high resolution wallpapers for free download, Nature, Art, Places and Photography are the main categories with a wide range of sub-categories. Sub-category ‘Structures’, under the ‘Places’ category is my personal favorite, hope you too like it.

Wallpaper hunter free download awesome wallpapers

Wallpaper Pimper

A nice collection of 136,134 Desktop Wallpapers, with a high end collection of Automobile Wallpapers, also has some very different categories like, Multi Screen Wallpapers, Brand Wallpapers and Computer Wallpapers (have some special Wallpapers of big brand names from Computer industry).

Wallpaper pimper free download awesome wallpapers

Social Wallpapering

Another great place to find some awesome wallpapers, no long list of categories, just 4 buttons (or categories) to browse through wallpapers on this site, namely  Standard Wallpapers, Widescreen Wallpapers, Random Wallpapers, Dual monitor Wallpapers and All Wallpapers, now  probably you might be wondering as I was, What’s the difference between Random and All? So the answer to this query is when you choose to browse with ‘All’, it says “Displaying: Everything All sorted by Most Recent filtering Nothing” whereas in case of ‘Random’ it says “Displaying: Everything All sorted by Random filtering Nothing”

Social wallpapering free download awesome wallpapers

Multi screen wallpapers can be seen as the most eye catching feature on this site, however browsing this site, you will definitely feel that wallpapers here are somewhat different from other wallpaper sites.

So, this was the second part for the wallpaper download resources series, I will soon come up with next part, do share your favorite sites to download awesome and free wallpapers, I will love to make it a part of my upcoming post. So, Happy Downloading.

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