Best tool to create your own music mix

Looks like a musical day for me. Here is another tool, DubStep, which will not waste time but rather let you create your own music like with features like  ring tone creation, video mixing capabilities and integration and it is  cross platform ( Use it on MAC or PC ).

This is how it works. You can open lot of music track and stack them one on other. Then you can strip of section of the music from wherever you want.   That is all. Next is just run it and see how parts of music mix together when they all get played together or when the turn comes.

Apart from above said things it also features:

  • Multi-channel mixing (up to 32 channels)
  • Advanced multi-channel presets
  • MP3 sampling / triggering / remixing
  • Complete load/save/vote functionality
  • Audio recording capabilities (client-side)
  • Sequencing / song composing
  • Output audio to WAV/MP3 files
  • Video mixing capabilities and integration
  • Multiuser, collaborative music environments
  • Stereo-effects processing
  • Drum and rhythm pattern machine
  • MP3 mixing / crossfading
  • Widget playback and distribution

Check out DubStep



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