Best tools for editing Images : Find what you need

Since We started this blog,  tools which work around images had always been one of the most prominent category ( Graphics ) here. Today We will take a walk through  the most effective of  the online and offline tools and rediscover and find which software works out. Select the one you like and use it. We will start from desktop tools and then to Internet tools and others.

Irfanview :

The first and our favorite software came out to be Irfan View which is the most useful software for reducing Image Size in Batch. Dont underestimate this tool for just reducing image size but you can rename, add text to image , convert image formats and many other things. Master of ALL.

Pix Re sizer :

The closest tool which came to Irfan View from the point of functionality was Pix Resizer. This tool is dead simple , rich options for editing images but its not a viewer.  Here you get a better visualization of  how your image will look after you make changes i.e. Resizing etc.  It also preserves and save EXIF ( Exchangeable Image File)  when you convert from one format to another. Making is very useful for photographers. Read more on Pix Resizer

Photology :

A human way of searching images. By colour or flowers inside it or by focus or by combination of all these three. This is an ultimate software for searching images and beats the above two in that.  Here is what it can answer.

Where is that image in which we took at sun down ? I cant find that picture in which my kid was wearing that blue top ? Man I have so many images how do I find image of that red bird , I did not name it and I cant search now  !! I took  the picture of  a flower with closer focus but all I can find is flowers in garden ?   Read detailed analysis on Photology

Photoscape : 

This tool blows out every other image editing software that availble on 90% percect of the functionalty.  The most unique features we saw  was Create Animated GIF files,Raw Conversion Screen Capture,Create Page Collage and Combine and Split Images. This tool is perfect and the most recommended even over Irfan view we had talked about. Read more on Photoscape

Twin Vision:

Got a good graphics card ? Try Twin Vision which allows you to manage your pictures and images in 3d.  You get a complete 3-D navigation,  Move one image to to another folder in 3d View and the advanced Meta (EXIF) editor of this software allows you to modify tags recorded by your digital camera or create your own tags.

These 5 tools can become your best partner for doing most of the things with your images. This is a good alternative to expensive image editing softwares unless you really need one for a professional usage. Lets check out some online tools now.

Everything you wanted to do with faces on an Image :

We found two extremely useful tools which allows you to do most of the things with faces on Images. Remember using this tool you need a little more accurate image in terms of your face angle. Pictures which have faces straight and looking towards you work out best. You can create sketch of those faces with Sketch generator  ( My fav!!! )  or  add expressions, tattoos, masks or even blend your and your gf image to see how your child might look like with Monjee

Adding Mosic effect , Printing large Block Images and Stiching to create Collages

If you had always like those matt finished look on printed photos, you can do it on the images also. PicArtia alows you to create photo mosaics for free. Its basically a tool which creates a mosaics effect by using some other image. Kind of embedding a secret image into another.

Now lets talk about those big big posters you had seen on roadways or billboards. If you have a very high resolution image and want to print it out and put it on your wall then lets do a block printing. Also called as printing block posters, this technique takes your image and divides into small images of equal size. Now you can print it one by one and paste it on the wall.  So what are you waiting just go and surpise your mom how you printed that huge picture of Briteny !!

Ok done with printing of large block poster  ? What if you want an image which contains part of different image. Like you want to create a memory of your college days and add images from the snaps of different occasions ?  This is simply called as creating collages and can be done easily with Collagr which creates thumbnail of images and can be stichted together to create just one image.

Improve your images

There is one last tool which Manav wrote I would like to talk about. This online tool called as Improve your images can actually make the magic happen.  It restores the original colors, corrects the Temperature and adjusts the poor lighting on the photos.  Read more on how to improve your images with Improveyourimages

This article came out by our year of searching, testing  and refining softwares which are ultimate and free when it comes to Images. Bookmark this , print it out and keep it handy, so next time you wonder which tool I need for editing images you are not lost.


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