Big Bad Flower can test how fast is your reflex

Big Bad Flower will be another addictive game on your iPad, iPhone and iPod not only because you will love taking on your enemies saving the flower but it will make you react faster that you have ever imagined. It really tested by reflex when I tried it out today morning.

What is this game about ?

There is a big sunflower in between which wants to survive against attack of  Birds, Squirrels, Rabbits, Mushrooms etc. They birds sit on tree and keep dropping eggs and nuts damaging the flowers petal and mushrooms eat up flower from below.

In order to save the flower you need to draw circle around the enemies  so they are caught in bubble and then spin the flower which blows them away like a fan does. The baubles are timed so you need to blow them away before they go red and pop.

Big Bad Flower Bubble Capture

What makes this game addictive ?

You miss one of the enemies and it will be difficult to handle the game. Fast reflex is what this game needs and bit of strategy. For example as the game proceeds frequency of enemies start increasing and you should spin the flower once you have caught a couple of enemies in the bubble. Also the nuts and eggs falling can be caught in bubble by poking them so that becomes another interesting action. Poke, Circle and Spin that how the game works.

Big Bad Flower Spin Defense

Big Bad Flower Attack

There are few more enemies like  giant robots, aliens which come with artillery and makes game even more difficult.For me this is another addictive game after Tilt to Live. I have even played angry bird which is more of strategy based and found this game to ve even better.

There is no iPad version of the game but iPhone version works nicely when you zoom it.  Download Big Bad Flower from iTunes. Thanks Manav


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