Biking Directions, Sharing, New Search Results in Google Maps for BlackBerry

Google Maps for BlackBerry just got updated and now we have more of sharing, better search result and if you are in US, there are biking directions also included when you go for get directions.

New in Google Maps

In the version 4.2 ( which can be downloaded from here ) more emphasis was given more on how users can communicate ,share the maps with each other using SMS or Email on the go. I wish there was a way that shared link could have been launched in the Local Google Maps directly.

Share Locations via via SMS or Email

It is also possible that you can make a call to that location if there is a phone number associated with it. Sharing is only via SMS or Email and I do not see any integration made when native application of Facebook or Twitter is installed on your mobile.

Buzz in GM

Offcourse there is a integration with Google Buzz and you can share photos, comment if you are signed in your Google Accounts.

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