Bing Image Search : Pretty Cool

Bing, the new Microsoft Search engine which is definitely much better than Live Search has its image search pretty cool. You can find most of options available directly without much of page load and the Easter egg with bing image search is you dont have to load another page for seeing next set of images. All you need is Scroll down and it will keep on loading images for you.

Bing image search

There are couple of options when you search for like size, layout, colour, style and people. When you hover your mosue over any image you get to see the image size and option to search realated images of which seatch result is pretty cool.

Bing image search options

Bing image search result

Also you can change image layout from grid format to image details and can also zoom image to larger level.

Bing image zoom

There are many more features in Image search which Iam dropping on you to explore. In the mean time dont forget to make Bing as your default search engine in IE and try it out. Its worth it.


  1. I find that if I search for an image and it shows 200,000 results that I can only get to about the 800th image and that is all. How do we get to the next amount? I have searched all different kinds of images and the same thing happens each time. If the results show more than approx. 800 images, I can only see the first 800 and then no more than that. Any information on this would be helpful – thanks!


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