Bing Maps got some muscles : Check the Apps

Bing after getting a good progress in Search market share has not stopped improving and now their Maps have some strong muscles with some awesome apps worth checking out. Here is the list :

Bing Maps applications
Bing Maps applications
  • Whats Near By
  • Local Events
  • Local Lens
  • Twitter Maps
  • Photosynth
  • Current Traffic
  • Traffic Land
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • Business by Category
  • Destination Maps and many more.

The latest of this is the Local Events Application which was announced recently and helps you in finding local events around your. I find it pretty fast while switching from one place to other.

Track Events on Bing Map
Track Events on Bing Map

I hope we get to see more of  these kind of applications integrated seamlessly between sections of Search such as if I search for an event it can get me direct on the maps from there. That should be pretty smart.


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