Bing vs. Google: get results from both the search engines in one go

Bing vs. Google is a custom search engine which can help you comparing the results with both the search engines in one go.

Bing vs. Google allows you to search a term and the results produced are as shown below.

Yes, it shows the results from both the search engines side by side. This makes it easier to compare the results, moreover you can get to know about top results from the algorithms of both the engines in one go in same window, this leaves you with best pages from two view points in one place.

If you want you can view these results using the horizontal split as well, or may be results from just one of them, also it allows you to add Bing vs. Google to your browser search.

So, if you are still in dilemma, and you perform your searches in both the engines, this is a great tool for you.

Try Bing vs. Google and share your views about it with us.

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