Bitcasa Invites : Sync hardrive to cloud and use it without plugging it back

One of the major problem of users carrying a hard drive everywhere you go seems to be getting resolved soon with the upcoming service, Bitcasa which is like Dropbox but still has differences with huge selling point  which I have discussed next. ( Beta Invites included in the post “Look” for it 😛 )


Three selling points and really makes it stand out from other services.

  • One it allows you to have unlimited storage
  • Keeps everything on cloud i.e. Does not take space on your computer which means you can cloudify your entire external storage and remove it off and still keep using it.
  • and last is encryption i.e. all the files which you upload are encrypted so nobody can read it and encryption takes place on your computer using the app and special file system techniques.
And this all comes with $10 per month.

Looking at the video above I can figure out following things :

  • Bitcasa is basically backing up your hard drives and turn them into cloud-based drives which is integrated inside your computer.
  • User cache is maintained on your computer so even when you remove it from cloud data stays
  • It streams data in real-time to your computer and is based on your pattern apart from stream on demand.
  • Move any folder instantly to your Bitcasa account
  • While Uploading Files, Bitcasa figures what you don’t use regularly and move them first so if there is a new file you have dropped in but you are editing it it doesn’t create any problem.
  • When you are traveling when you don’t have access to real-time data, you can pin folders to your local computer and it will download all the files back to your computer.
  • Data Encryption makes sure nobody at the Bitcasa can even see the file names of your files.

Once you install Bitcasa you get a Sample Video Folder of 14GB which you can try out to test it. It has a lot of videos, documents from the team so you can test it for everything.  However you will be limited over your Internet Speed.

Overall I do not have lot of concern because look at the slides, videos and so and with lot of funding these guys are not there to grab your data but give you service.

Done that here are your  invites, hope you did not have to look around too much.!! And here is the FAQ for you.

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