Blaze : An application launcher which learns what you do

Blaze is a windows desktop application which boosts you desktop experience by learning what you are doing on your computer. For an example if you renaming a file named as Goa(1).png to Goa 1.png, it can search files which are similar to Goa(1).png and ask if you would like to rename those also.

Blaze is basically an application launcher which lets you easily search files and programs by just typing and it deals with your typos or incorrect spelling also. So if you typed Fitofox instead of Firefox it can suggest you that too.

Like Lee Mathews @ Download Squad and I agree, Blaze is probably the best windows application launcher we had seen here too. Learning on How users uses computer is definitely a key to understand more of end users. Good Job By Blaze Team. You can find all the awesome work Blaze can do here


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