Batch Move Android Apps to SD Card and Get notified for new ones

In case your Android Phone inbuilt storage is low and you have started getting warning on low space, Its time you should start moving your apps to your storage card. Android has this feature inbuilt which can be seen at  Settings > Applications > Manage Applications when you select an app which has option saying “Move to USB Storage”.

The drawback of this method is that you can do it one app at a time and you will have good time spent to find which apps can be moved as not all apps have this option as when you see the button is grayed out .

So now coming back to the topic, Let me introduce to an App which resolve both the problems for you. The App name as App2SD which can move apps to USB storage ( whichever can be moved ) in batch and notify you that the app you just installed is capable of running on USB. Both these options save a lot of time.!!


  • Download from Android Market
  • Once installed, launch the app and you can see Three Tabs.
  • First Tab “On Phone”, list the apps which are on Phone currently and can be moved to USB
  • Second Tab “On SD Card”, List the apps which are already on the USB / SD
  • Third Tab “Phone Only”, List apps which will only stay on phone and cannot be moved.

How to use App2SD :

  • To Bulk Move, select the first tab and hit the menu button and then choose Move All.
  • This will then start displaying the apps which can be moved one by one.
  • Select Move to USB storage and when done, hit the back menu to see the next app.
  • Do this until you are back to the app itself.

Batch Move Apps to USB or SD Card

Notification for new Apps :

To test this feature, download an app which works on USB storage. Firefox is one such example. Download it and once the installation is complete, you will see a notification about it. When you click on notification, it will display message saying “Firefox App can be moved to USB storage”.

When you click it will take you to app details screen where you need to manually select Move to USB STorage.

App2SD Notification for USB Storage Capability

I wish there was a feature that could have done this automatically for any new app installed and even for the existing apps which will definitely save lot of time. So do you move apps to USB or SD or use as is ?


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