Block Chrome Extensions using Google Chrome Group Policy Settings

If you are tired of people who come and install any extension in your Chrome browser, specially after recent introduction of WebStore, you can use the Group Policy Option for Google Chrome ( Learn How to install on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP ) to block any extension you want.

If you have system admin privilege, Launch the Group Policy Editor and  Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome. Here look for folder name Allowed extensions. Here you have two configuration files one which lets you whitelist or always allow an extension and another which blocks the extension to installed in Chrome Browser.

Even if an extension is already installed it will be blocked instantly unless you have mentioned it in the whitelist. If you give * in the blacklist all the extensions will be disabled and nobody can install it. As soon as you block everything it will remove the apps section listing from the Chrome New Tab.

How to add Chrome Extensions into Black List :

Now to block an extension you will need the ID which is 32 Alphabet long and you generally can see it when you install it. However if you want to find the ID of the installed Extensions do this :

  • Go to Tools > Extensions. Here you will see the list of apps/ extensions installed.
  • Now on right corner there will be a link which says Developer Mode. Click on this and you will see expanded mode of the extensions.
  • Right under the description of the Extension you will see the ID listed.
  • Add this to BlackList and the extension will be removed immediately.
  • However if you remove it from BlackList it gets enabled only when you restart the chrome browser.

In case you have created shortcut or made it as stand alone application, the browser will open a blank tab when you launch the blocked extension.


  1. This doesn’t exist on my computer. I goto administrative templates and there is no Google listed.


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