Block Facebook Theater Box forever (Browser extensions)

The day Facebook launched the Theater Box feature for viewing photos, since then people are looking for ways to get rid of it. Looks like this feature failed to impress Facebook users. Ashish too talked about this in his recent post. There are some ways to deal with this, these ways can be termed as manual ones, and you can find them here on Ashish’s post.

How to Disable Theater Box while viewing Photos on Facebook

Well here we are talking about the automated ways, the way to get rid of Theater Box using some broswer extension like Firefox Add-on and Chrome Extensions. Make sure to bookmark this post as we will keep updating this.

For Firefox :

For Chrome :

both work well, make a choice and to disable the Theater Box view.

I tried searching the same for other browsers like IE and Opera, but couldn’t find any extension, so as of now, Chrome and Firefox are the only choice, will update this post as soon as I get to know about the extensions for other browsers. So, go ahead and install the add-on on your default browser, and get rid of the Theater Box on Facebook.