Bloggers Poetry Do you sing it?

A small effort from my side to write something on blogging to make every blogger smile.


I start my day by sitting on a chair
Giving my blog a hard cold stare
By the next minute I am done with another post
Oh! This has become a routine so boring

Like all, I entered blogging with great hope,
Adds are many, and there is plenty of money
Dreams of buying a new mobile, paying my bills
Google helped me believe all that

Thus I entered the world of blogging
Only to realize there is tough money
As Darren said, you need more patience
But I was losing all my essence.

Seeing the blog day and night
Have taken the power of my eyesight
Daily posts and regular comments
I had made my blog indexed but not page ranked.

Working holidays and busy weekends
No time for friends or family
My blog steals most of my time
Helplessly I watch this crime.

Just for getting indexed and getting some more comments,
I forego these moments with my honey,
When I should be out having fun
I am deciding on dates when my blog will be posted

Still, I love blogging, but I can’t get away
Because I need the money that my blog pays
WordPress plugins to thee, I pray
If there is one – give me one and make Adsense adds click all day.


Hey, Darren, if you see this, I just mentioned your name because you are my godfather in this field. Thanks for giving me your time here. Do tell me how you liked this. Bad or worse, I don’t mind. I enjoyed writing this.


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