Blue Retriever : Lure the finder to get back your lost mobile

Loosing ones mobile device is like loosing everything for some. Its not just because you paid for it but because so much was inside it i.e. Calendar, contacts, reminders, songs and your snaps 🙂 It just hurts to loose one.

Manav once talked about VMS Software which helps you to find your lost mobile device by using services installed in it and today we found one more service which tries to get your lost mobile device bu luring the person who finds it with a handsome prize.

Blue Retriever is an online service which allows you to register your mobile and get a number which is displayed as wallpaper on your mobile always and displays a message of “RETURN FOR REWARD”

However the reward should be paid by you which you can work out with the blue retriever. Check out Blue retriever and register your device  with them.

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