Start where you left exactly on the Browser

When you leave reading a web page in between, it is evident that you would always want to start from the same place, especially when you are somewhere in the middle. However, the only solution which most of the browsers offer is just to remember the URL or the page in the form of Bookmarks, which opens up the page next time, and you spend at least 2 minutes to find where exactly you left reading. So today in this post, we will learn how to save those two minutes using extensions for Chrome, and inbuilt settings in the browser.

Start where you left exactly on the browser

  1. youRhere Chrome Extension
  2. Continue where you left in
    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox

1] youRhere Chrome Extension

Even though Chrome hogs on memory, a lot of people still use it. So if you are in the same crowd, the youRhere extension will take you back to the same place. It works on a straightforward rule. Remember the line on the page, and highlight the line from which you want to start next time. Next time you launch the page using the extension, it will take you directly to that page, i.e., automatic scrolling.

Yourhere Chrome Bookmark Extension

The chrome extension is very well done when it comes to the user interface, especially where you get to see the list of the bookmarked site. That said, you are now free to take a quick walk, attend office meetings or even switch users on your computer and still have the same page back precisely at the same place and get started where you left it.

Download Chrome Extension

2] Browser Continue when you left off settings

On Srattup Settings Chrome left off


  • Type chrome://settings in the address bar of the blank tab and hit enter.
  • Navigate to find the On Startup section.
  • Select the radio button of the option which says Continue where you left off


Firefox Startup settings

  • Type about: preferences in the address bar of the blank tab and hit enter.
  • Navigate to find Srattup  under general
  • Select the radio button of the option which says Restore Previous sessions.

It’s rather easy to get back to the same place now with the option inbuilt into the browser. However, I would still do the old way by marking using the first extension.

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