Bots are back in Yahoo Chat room

In spite of adding captcha check-in yahoo chat rooms bots are back in chat rooms. I got a comment in my post saying they are back and I verified myself. Now it’s really stupid that real users are going under captcha check and bots are floating around in the chatroom

Yahoo Chat Room

Here are some of the pictures which I was able to capture while talking to some of the bots. Now that’s really stupid of Yahoo.


  1. CHAT ROOMS are infected with Bots, quite annoying that one using them to continuely to send out messages of a Sexual nature with a complimentary site URL link. From my experience being logged in Yahoo Chat rooms many years ago, you would click on a Hyperling in the Room, or sent one by a Robot which when excuted would infact on many occasions would be on some vay bad site, or worse still get a Trojan. In those days, you did not know this and you find you Windows System would fail. There was know way you could run your PC again unless, you reinstalled your Operating System and son on. However, if we look at just that real Yahoo profiles used to Add a bit of spice to a room, providing they just tryiong to get a Site noticed by others in a room then thsi really is not so bad – all said than done its Free for the public to use, and not monitored so what do you expect. Unfortunately, Yahoo has Ads everwhere, and that is quite annoying too.

    If we now look at the captcha code which we have to use each time we enter in any room, or the same room, we’re in around 2-hours, then you’re logged out. I’m sure Yahoo have lost many 1000’s of members, in addtion, losing popularity for having type a code each time ot use a Chat Room.

  2. Dude I totally agree, are they even doing anything? I’m so tired of bots filling up my screen with boxes and in the chat rooms. it is so stupid and annoying. Is yahoo even listening or do they not care?

  3. They don’t. I’ve seen the codes and they are anything but random. Any script kiddie would figure that out in a few minutes. Yahoo is being cheap about their security, because they are looking for a ‘white knight’ right now, to save them from the clutches of Microsoft. They will pull it together if they get with AOL. That place is the only other one with more problems.

  4. my chat history

    (12:50:25) shelley_myers611: im good thnx, what are you up to?
    (12:50:37) qwertyshy: chatting with you
    (12:50:42) shelley_myers611: i’m always up for chat, whats up? 😛
    (12:50:50) qwertyshy: youre my friend
    (12:50:52) shelley_myers611: of course 😛
    (12:51:01) qwertyshy: are you a bot
    (12:51:11) shelley_myers611: well i have a cam site like i guess most bots would but mine is actually real
    (12:51:34) qwertyshy: bots rock,cams suck
    (12:51:45) shelley_myers611: no guy im not a bot.. i have a cam site but im actually a real chick
    (12:52:13) qwertyshy: what’s 4+4
    (12:52:15) shelley_myers611: cool
    (12:52:27) qwertyshy: you are a bot!!
    (12:52:35) shelley_myers611: if i were i wouldnt be able to talk to you like this 🙂
    (12:53:17) qwertyshy: Ok proove it
    (12:53:18) shelley_myers611: brb
    (12:53:20) shelley_myers611: ill be back on in a few
    (12:53:54) shelley_myers611: hey still there? im going to chat on my cam site *link* come over there, k?
    (12:59:10) qwertyshy: no

  5. and dont forget about the arabs yelling HELLO HELLO HELLO ON THE MIC
    asking us do we speak arabic omfg welcome to yahell chat

  6. Why don’t Yahoo just close the chat rooms and puts them out of their misery?
    Once thriving chat community was replaced by websites and with third world country youngsters trying to scam the old perverts out of money and prostituting themselves in hope for a green card.
    I truly believe Yahoo’s intention to expand to those countries is the reason they shut their eyes to the problem. As long the chat rooms are full, the numbers reported back to the stockholders board room are high…that’s all what they care about.
    It is a disgrace..
    The name Yahoo is tarnished forever.

  7. I havent used the chatrooms for a long long time(2yrs) because of bots and to my horror its worse then ever infact disgusting and offensive for those of us that just want to chat with our friends. i certainly dont want to be bombarded with sites and others sending their cams. there are those of us that are descent people, we are not all pimps and hookers which Yahoo seems to like in their rooms. it doesent say much for keeping the rooms safe or from keeping them safe from children which i know do use them despite of Yahoo’s so called security. Yahoo must be getting paid large amounts to have all this low life on here. your welcome to join the low life Yahoo im gone.

  8. yup … well i dont think yahoo cares or they wud have done sumthaang about it long tyme ago=P
    and ya i agree with chris they must be getting paid for all this all i can say is yahoo is the lamest instant messanger .

    peace out ^ ^

  9. Yahoo Chat has become a cesspool and bots are just one part of the problem. I use a different chat program, MagChat… no bots & some really innovative features.

    Spread the love

  10. I think this is on going problem. I found some article on Krify dot com that explained on how to prevent yahoo bots.

  11. Captcha didn’t stop bots from registering, I don’t know what genius thought it would stop them from joining rooms.

  12. those bots are actually individuals with multiple IDs. It’s big business here in Asia and I know 1 here in the Philippines that’s being run by an American. they hire young people who will chat and post like girls to invite potential clients to visit some sites and eventually sign up for a membership and those young people earn money by commission based on how many guys they get to sign up at the site.

  13. I have been trying to talk on a all of the yahoo chat rooms and all I get is Bots and more bots if I wonted to talk to a bot I would just talk to my computer and also those ads is there no real people in chat rooms any more. it S U C K S

  14. What they should do is have admin in certain rooms and kick all bots out. They did have some type of admin back in the mid 90’s even if you cursed or was rude in the room they would warn you. They need several workers for admin and that would fix lots of those problems. Until then we will always get bots.

  15. Sex bots drove most of the people away. More bots than ever before. With the hard economic times, they’re spamming people so bad, being there is a waste of time.
    It used to be a pretty good chat community. Now it’s a worthless waste land. If you leave your I.M.’s on you get spammed worse than ever before.
    Problem is, I haven’t,as yet, found anything to replace it. In yahoo messenger, and all the other ones,men out number ladies by approximately 40 to 1. It didn’t use to be that way.
    In closing, I must say that you’ll have a better experience talking to yourself, than you would going on yahoo messenger.

  16. It seems pointless to have to pass a CAPTCHA test, only to enter a room full of bots and annoying Arabs and Indians. The “Admin” itself is a bot, and if you want anything done, you have to fill out a form to report the abuse. The most convenient thing to do is ignore them. It’s especially bad if they’re the ONLY ones in the room.

  17. The chat rooms are becoming more and more infested with bots, racists, morons and cam camjerkers. I am soon going to give up on yahoo, it is becoming ever more difficult to find nice people among a sea of imbeciles.

  18. I sure did use to be fun,i even met a couple of ladies,made a few friends,those were the good ole days,it seems someone has to rin everything good,and i agree doesnt yahoo know that minors go into chat and are getting the nasty bots im’s,yahoo simply doesnt care,its all about money,hopefully someoine will take them over and change all of this!

  19. The interesting thing is although you come across these bots, there are some of these bots which seem so human. It’s easy to figure out a bot. The responses are interpreted in advance and sent after a certain interval. All you have to do is send a message and then wait and the message will start following one after the other without you responding to the previous question.

    But some of them I’m pretty are humans who probably get paid for promoting their spam websites. Their responses are spontaneous and to the point.

  20. Yahoo Chat is dead to be sure. It’s disgusting they let it degenerate into a cesspool. It used to be great fun with actual people far outnumbering bots and scammers. Now it’s very easy to find yourself in a room of a dozen or more “chatters” and you’re the only non bot!!

    I have no pity for Yahoo and hope they become but a memory of what once was but certainly is no more. They’ve been superseded by bigger, better companies (read Google).

  21. When i first came to use the internet Yahoo was where i met new people and friends from school, hung out, chatted, had fun. Haven’t used it in years, and the other day i was bored and thought ‘hey… why not go on yahoo chat..?’ well you can guess where that got me. needless to say it led me to this thread, and i’ve got to say, im sad for the demise of the once great yahoo. well, maybe now they’ve signed a big pay-day with microsoft last week they can be bothered to send some one from support down to look at it, shake their head, stick the gun under poor chats head and pull the merciful trigger.

  22. I think Yahoo should put the “create your own room” feature back in. The reason why bots are filling the chat rooms is because the room names are fixed, therefore the bot programs can target the stated amount of rooms. I remember the good old days of creating my own room with my favourite subject, and bots never came, also people would know what they’d expect to talk about before coming in.

    Regarding Yahoo’s effort of solving the problem, I think they’re just too lazy and don’t find it economical to fix this problem. They have even cut advertising on the bottom of the chat room as well. I think the days of online chatting is numbered and we will have to go out and meet real people like the old times, or even making penpals through newspaper and magazine. People always said the third world war is fought with stones, and I believe it (I even saved a rather large ‘weapon’ at home just in case).

  23. It has become quite apparent that the “Bot” problem has never been resolved. What is the point of having a Chatroom up, when all you find are bots sending you to sites, profiles, and going to cam links, which you don’t even want to do? The reason why these bots have flourished is that there are people who actually follow and enjoy these links!

    It’s really annoying to be talking to someone who you think is a person, only to find them send you a link that you don’t even know after just 5 minutes of talking to them. Yahoo Chat used to be a fun place to be, it was my first exposure to chat rooms, and it was mostly clean. Now, a bunch of idiots decide to kill chat by putting all of their filth on chat. This makes the rest of the community suffer.

    Now there is no point to me going on messenger, or chat. Most of my friends use live messenger now (MSN) and we are having so much fun! No bots, and if one does infiltrate, we can just delete the contact.

    Yahoo! used to be my hero, but now they have sunk to all-time lows. Can they please fix this problem so that us decent chatters may enjoy chatting oncemore, instead of being bombarded with worthless popups of bots that make no sense and waste our time?

    That is all we ask…


    (Shadow’s last Logs)

  24. I tried yahoo chat today after a long time. Must say it big time. Every single id except for me was a “BOT”. Hav decided not to go to the chat room at all. Complete waste of your time. Also that you are putting your computer at high-security risk.

    I can’t believe that a big company like yahoo cannot fix this problem. Maybe they deliberately don’t want to do it. Don’t know for sure.

    No yahoo chatrooms for me from now until the bot problem is resolved.

  25. Same story here as everyone else. I haven’t been on Yahoo chat in a long time but used to go on there often and make a lot of friends. I was wondering why chat is no longer advertised on Yahoo’s homepage and found this thread. Obviously they are doing it on purpose.

  26. Hi, I had great fun with Yahoo Chat and with yahoo messenger some where between 2005 and 2008. I did meet a lot of people all over the world US , Canada , Australia etc that was before Yahoo just the code. I did use a free software program in the chatroom’s ho did help me to stop about 95 % of the bots and I did work very good. When the ad that code it was no fun any more so I did stop with the Yahoo Chat like many I think

    But Yahoo Messenger dos have a vry big leak. At one time when I was buzzy to chat via Yahoo Messenger my pc did reboot and I did’t do that my self. So that most come from a hacker i’m alomost shure course I did see a ip adres in my firewall. I did send a abuse report to the host of the ipadres.

    Now to day I did take a look to see in my Yahoo Mail and I have to change all sorts of new things becourse Yahoo says the are change it. I did send a feetback to Yahoo that I don’t like to use any thing from Yahoo any more

    The Yahoo time is over

    Greethings from Herman In Gent (Ghent) Belgium

  27. Yahoo obviously does not want female custom and does not want the responsibility of monitoring these rooms. Thank goodness there is the ignore button. Oh.. and as for the racist comments about the Indians.. I have found many of them to be well educated and delightful chatters.

  28. The Arabs in the rooms are giving themselves and their fellow countrymen a bad reputation by saying HELLO HELLO on the mic and PMing people. They need to read this post and stop doing that. Are Arab men that desperate for sex and for friendship?

  29. Man I rem yahoo chat rooms. It was fun I rem it before they had the microphone option back in the late 90’s i believe 98-99. I met a lot of friends, all of my friends got on it i was in middle school. Then the microphone came out it got intersting ppl singing, fight rooms really they had them. You could voice chat with your friends in different states and save on long distance back before cell phones started to get very very very popular. Then it seemed like the webcams came out and ALOT of horney guys was always online, and there would be the occasional woman that would go wild and have a big audience, and it spiraled from there, the chat bots would come and go but NOW. YOU CAN’T EVEN GO IN A CHRISTIAN CHAT ROOM WITHOUT 44 OUT OF 48 PPL BEING SPAM BOTS. I miss talking to my old friends in the hackers lounge that was fun, BIG PUN i been looking for you man, yahoo messenger has gone to hell in a hand basket, so has msn messenger no1 hardly ever gets online anymore i feel like a dinosaur.

  30. Lots of talk and no action. Sorry folks but Yahoo can’t get rid of what it doesn’t know exists. Yes, they know that the chat rooms are infested with bots but the pseudo-admin names in the rooms are just for show, which means they don’t actually know which names are bots and which names are real people. The name has to be reported as spam.

    Instead of just placing a bot on ignore, double-click the bot name to open an IM window. Then click the Ignore icon at the top right corner of the window, (this may be located elsewhere on up-dated versions)which will open a dialogue box. Check the box to ‘report user as spam’. Click ‘Ok’. Then close the IM window.

    Back in the chat room, right-click the same bot’s name, and choose ‘Ignore off’. Then right-click again and choose ‘Ignore’. Otherwise you will still see this bot’s posts in the room because, though they appear to be on ignore, they are only blocked from IMing you.

    It’s a bit of work but it may cut down on bots. My theory is that we should all give it a shot and see if we can win the battle against bots. Just complaining amongst ourselves will most certainly accomplish nothing.

  31. I have a theory to get rid of the bots, and we wouldn’t need to rely on yahoo to do anything at all!

    Also, as a side note, I believe Microsoft bought out Yahoo. AOL has practiced bad business techniques in the past as well…either way, we are stuck.

    Ok. Here we go:

    So long story short: What if we wrote or modified a bot to monitor all the chats in all the chat rooms and automatically reported all the accounts that are spamming…

    We could use certain definitive things like the accounts that say the same things too many times, send messages w/ links before anything else, say certain keywords, etc etc…would be automatically reported with the “Report Spam” button.

    I have been doing PHP programming for awhile now, just start learning c / C++.

    I know PHP can do the XMPP/JABBER protocol, probably even with a PEAR package. My thing is that it would be difficult for me to do as it would probably need to be programmed in an Object Oriented Manner and I do not know OO PHP..I do procedural.

    Anyone have any ideas or input? Email me: [email protected]

    Let’s make a fun project out of it!

  32. I am tired of the BOTS and the idiots with the “booting software” in the Yahoo chat room. Yahoo needs moderators in the rooms.

  33. Well its mighty funny no other chat thing out there has the bots. I’ve never had a problem with AOL, Facebook, Myspace or any other. Yahoo must definitely be making money off the bots and if it isn’t the bots flooding the rooms the idiot booters will lock up a room with a ton of the same name where nobody can even get in the rooms. I have gotten to the point i don’t even like going into a chat room anymore and have stared just chatting with friends on my buddy list and not even bother with the rest because of all the buttheads that can’t do anything but cause problems. Sure glad I am not paying for yahoo or I would cancel it in a heartbeat.

  34. Its simple yahoo allows these so called “spam bots” to enter their rooms because the companies involved pay them tons of money to do so how do you think yahoo chat is free?

  35. Yahoo Got sued because a parrent didn’t watch there kid and he posted a nude pic of himself on Yahoo. Then yahoo did away with private chats because of it. Stupid people blame others for not watching the kids for them. My son is 16 and I still watch when he is on the computer.Lawyers who filed that lawsuit should have been throwed under the court and the mother should not have her son now. So Thank the 9 year old and his mother for screwing up yahoo. PS. the judge that took thecase should bekicked in the arse and The mother should have ben made to pay all court cost. So Thank You You Stupid parent who can’t watch your own kid and thank you to the courts for messing up a good thing that people realy enjoyed. And you should be greatfull you had a stupid judge and not me or I would have locked you up and took your son away.

  36. the bot factor will make yahoo loose a number of members and make it weak all rooms are full of bots linking us to those sites as if we are interested

  37. Do the research- yahoo is now in bed with all those web sites and every other single web site, that is why they stopped the create a room feature. You use to be able to create a local site to socialize with people you may actually have something in common with or even meet should you choose- eliminating the need for singles sites.
    If you notice yahoo’s regional rooms aren’t very regional at all, yet when you look for a romance or personals chat room all you get are links to “those sites” which yahoo used as an excuse to eliminate the create room feature so now they can charge a fee included in the price of the singles site.

  38. Do the research- yahoo is now in bed with all those web sites and every other single web site, that is why they stopped the create a room feature. You use to be able to create a local site to socialize with people you may actually have something in common with or even meet should you choose- eliminating the need for singles sites.
    If you notice yahoo’s regional rooms aren’t very regional at all, yet when you look for a romance or personals chat room all you get are links to “those sites” which yahoo used as an excuse to eliminate the create room feature so now they can charge a fee included in the price of the singles site.
    Maybe it’s not quite a monopoly but surely not customer friendly.

  39. I just closed ALL my Yahoo accounts (7/2010) & am through with this mess! It saddens me to see what Yahoo has become. I used their messenger chatrooms for years, but after closing the user rooms & punishing us all over a few ppl who failed as parents along with flooding the rooms with bots…can you say Moove, Secondlife, or IMVU chat??…goodbye & good riddance !!!! I met a lot of ppl in Moove & Secondlife who are former yahooers & say they will NEVER be back…give me roleplay or give me death! ADIOSSSS

  40. For many years ,I have stayed with yahoo messenger and chat rooms in hope of YAHOO doing something to make the messenger site AND CHATROOMS BETTER AND IMPROVED AND BOT FREE AND worth while to stay with….but NOOOOO! It just gets worse and worse. Today I will DELETE yahoo messenger! GOOD BYE YAHOO.


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