Box.Net – Why its an impressive file sharing solution

Box is another file sharing service, with some great features, I compared it with Dropbox in my last post DropBox Vs Box, without testing it just on the basis of information available on the Box homepage. As the overall functionality of Box and Dropbox is quite similar, I will try to focus on the features which are different in both the services. Lite version of Box is free, and has following specifications,

  1. Space…..1Gb
  2. File size Limit….10Mb
Features in Box.Net
Features in Box.Net

A simple sign-up process is to be followed, just give your e-mail address and choose a password, and move ahead, create a folder, and upload the files. Once you have uploaded few files (remember each file should be less than 10 Mb), there are several operation possible on these files and folder. Shown below is snapshot of available options.

Third option i.e. ‘Link to this Folder’, gives you the URL for this folder, which can be used to see the files in this folder, and the viewer can also download these files.  Fourth option is ‘Get a widget’, which provides you the embeddable code. Other options don’t need any description, quite self defined.

How is Box different from Dropbox?

  • Dropbox requires a desktop agent to be installed, whereas Box has no such requirement.
  • Editing of a file which is in your Dropbox, needs a download of same, and upload later, whereas in case of Box you can do that directly from your browser, online.
  • Accessibility rights cannot be defined in Dropbox for a collaborator, in Box you can decide if the collaborator can edit/change the files, apart from just viewing/accessing them.
  • Dropbox doesn’t allow you to get an embeddable code, Box does.
  • Some services are by default added to make your working with Box, smoother. Like for
Application Supported in Box
Application Supported in Box
  • Previewing PDF iPaper is there,
  • Picnic for your image editing needs,
  • Web Doc enable you to create and share information directly from your browser.
  • ZOHO, allows you to edit documents and spreadsheets in your web browser.

Apart from these other services are also there which you can choose and subscribe for,as per your needs.

  • Facility of 5 Sub users is given with the Business tier of Box, we don’t have this in Dropbox. (Adding Sub Users to your account is an easy way to temporarily work with clients or contractors who don’t have a account. Just create a user name and password for individuals or a group of people you’d like to have access a specific part of your files. These users will be restricted to the folder(s) you choose, and you can control whether users can upload, download, or have full access to your file(s).)
  • Upload from e-mail feature is there in Box, simply mail the file to [email protected], from the account which is associated with your Box, and within seconds files will appear in your Box.

My Experience with Box

  • Interface is quite simple.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uploading via mail feature is very attractive.
  • Restriction on file size gives a negative impact, it should be 20-30Mb at least.
  • Concept of online editing is again impressive.

I hope after this post you can have a neat idea of both the services, so which one is yours??

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