Bridge URL creates slideshow of websites to share

We all share, doesnt matter if its on email or twitter or Facebook or direct message but when it comes to sharing more than 2-3 links, lets say 20 links, that becomes a problem not only for you to copy and paste but also for the viewer who needs to open it one by one to see it.

Bridge URL is a brand new service from Anand Srinivasan which creates a sideshow kind of link where any some links added are displayed one by one. The best part is you can always go back and forth.

Bridge URL

All you need to do is go to Bridge URL and add the links one per line. Give a nice title to it and hit on create link. This service uses iFrame to display websites one by one which means any website which blocks iFrame around its website wont let it work.

Create Bridge URL

Overall this service looks good and I don’t see any reason it should become complex by adding tons of feature in it. I would suggest the developer to add only required feature else keep it simple. !!


  1. I would also recommend you compare it with as it is offering much more than just glueing sites together.

    post editing is essential and the idea you can keep popular short links and then re-route them later on any time any place – rocks.

    So much better, even better than bitly et al.


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