Bring back the “Remember Password” window in Firefox in case you skipped

By default Firefox offers you to remember the username and password for websites you login. This makes it easy for you next time you get to the same website. Though I do not personally recommend anyone to use this as it can be seen by anyone unless you have applied a master password protection to it.

Now coming back to the topic, in case you have skipped this by choosing “Not Now” or clicked anywhere on the browser but later on think that you need to make the browser remember, Firefox has a feature to do this. Look for a Key Symbol which appears on left, right next to the starting of the address bar. This appears only for websites where username and password is used and you have skipped to move to next screen.

Now if you click on that key icon, You will get the same window which asked you if you want to remember the password. Choose Remember Password and this will be gone. This is useful as you do not need to enter the password again but if you move to next screen or any other url, this icon will be gone.

Firefox Remember Password Key

What if you do not see this icon ?

  • Possible that the website prevents browser to remember them.
  • The website is already in the password management of Firefox.
  • You might be using Private Browsing feature of Firefox.
  • You might have disabled this feature sometimes back but you do not remember. To enable this feature you need to go to Tools > Options Security > Saved Password. Check if the website is already here.
  • You might have added this site as an exception so Firefox itself skips it. To check again go to Tools > Options Security >Exceptions and see if the website is already listed.

Security Management in Firefox


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