Bring Back the Classic Windows XP Start menu into Windows 7

Many of you who migrated to Windows 7 from Windows XP might find the start menu in Windows 7 a bit confusing. Probably because there is no such thing as start menu because of the integrated search of Windows 7 which brings you anything by just typing few alphabets of it. Though powerful many people don’t prefer to type and many of you might not just like the Pin to Task Bar or Start Menu either but you will like the Handy Start Menu Application for sure.

This application literally brings back the Start menu organization of Windows XP but with more power to you. You can organize them into categories you like instead of standard way. Apart from organizing the items in Menu it can also create menu for your desktop icon which in turn cleans you messy desktop

Handy Start Menu OrganizedYou also get a dashboard and Menu Editor which lets you move or change items into categories they way you want.

Start menu Dashboard

Start menu Category Manager

Overall this is a very handy utility for users who love to organize stuff like this and Just Migrated XP users will love this.Any time you like switching back to the way Windows 7 Start menu is, just disable and you are done. Download Handy Start menu. | Related : Change Windows 7 Icons without changing Theme


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